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West v North

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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So will we see the white or red side of north london in Cardiff?

I reckon we'll see Arsenal but would rather Tottenham anyday. The atmosphere would be quality, theres more rivalry between the 2 clubs and i, and most Chelsea fans, f**king hate Tottenham.

I also think Chelsea might struggle against Arsenal (going on current form).

What are everyones thoughts on this?

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Both ties have pros and cons


Pro - losing against them isn't shameful

con - they can be quite good


Pro - apart from the one off, our record is second to none against them

con - losing to them would be, the end of the world. Offcially.

I don't care as long as we win, that good enough? 247.gif

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It doesnt matter really.

Beating both in a Cup Final would be sweet as a a nut, however losing to them either would be awful.

But thinking about it, I hate the smug self important Gooners as much as anyone but losing to Sperz in a Cup Final would be terrible. Utterley unbearable. Ive only just recovered from November.

For that thought alone, however unlikely it would be that they would beat us as Gem says I think i would prefer Arsenal.

Not that it matters, our name is on this Cup I tell thee.

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If Arsenal make it to the final do you think they will play the same team that got them there (largely reserves and juniors)? Wenger has already said that the deserve to play in the semi after their performance against Liverpool so it would seem a liitle harsh for him to drop them if they make it to the final. Having said that he would no doubt be heavily criticised if they played a weakened team in the final.

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If the shoe fits, wear it! Anyway,I would love to get Tottenham! As L&P said, if you're Chelsea you hate Tottenham. And as BJD said, wea re still recovering losing to them on the 5th of November.

I can't think of a better remedy than meeting all these hopefull little spud supporters at a cup final, and then handing it to them.

Bring on Tottenham


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I'd say after that it looks more likely to be Arsenal. Not only did they come back to salvage a draw and 2 away goals but also Spurs lost Berbatov whereas Arsenal have the luxury of bringing in more first team players. Anything could happen in a North London derby but I reckon Spurs will regret making the tactical change at 2-0 up. They should have brought on Mido for Berbatov and kept up the physical presence.

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