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Just reminding people there is still the gallery here, you can submit pictures in.

You can also comment on pictures pretty much the way you post in the forums too.

We did have something in announcements that must have disappeared on a prune sometime back.

Anyway, look up the top at the links and click on album.

If you want to submit a picture to any of the categories, Click into the category that fits your picture(s) being submitted,

click the upload picture button,

Title the picture,

add description,

Click browse and select the image from your pc,

re-choose the category on the dropdown,

Then hit submit.. Done..

Remember you can hotlink images (so long as they relate to Chelsea or the category), just open the image, copy the url the way its normally done in your post.

There is also a members gallery option.

Click Album,

Look along the bottom bar under categories,

If you click 'Users personal Galleries' you will see all the brave un-shy members that have added to their album

(only for members - guests cannot see these)

To upload to your gallery..

Look next to that link again in album for 'Your personal gallery', Click upload pic button, and do like above to submit. The dropdown should automatically say 'Personal gallery of..' so make sure it states that, or it will appear in the main album somewhere.

Chelsea related or personal pics, no porn!!

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OK I have added the new categories for

Chelsea 1905 - 1950

Chelsea in the 1950s

Chelsea in the 1960s

Chelsea in the 1970s

Chelsea in the 1980s

Chelsea in the 1990s

Chelsea in Cup Finals

When you load pictures into these categories please be reasonably descriptive in the comments field.



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A reminder for folk.

If you look at the pictures in the album remember that clicking on an inidividual picture will bring up the original picture in its original size. Fopr example Bluebeard has recently loaded up the 1905/06 team picture in the Chelsea 1905-1950 category and it looks like a tiny thumbnail but if you click on it it will opn out and you can see Fatty Foulkes man boobs in all their glory!!

Also note that if you hover your cursor over the picture a pop up will...well pop up that shows any comments written by the postser - again see Bluebeard's 1905/06 picture - hover over that and you will see the full line up details.

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That season's champions are referred to as being the champions in 69/70 season or that they won the league in 1970. Never will you see anyone say they won it in 1969. Why? Simple...the trophy is lifted in 1970. icon_wink.gif

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  • 9 months later...

Just thought I'd re-open this thread to remind that the Gallery is now running on this forum again. Exactly how it was before.

Theres also now a new tag [album] so you can put gallery pictures in posts by using the number on the picture page inbetween the tags.

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  • 1 month later...

The Gallery has just been updated.

Remember there's Personal Galleries to upload your pics into.

To start one, go to User Control Panel - Overview - Manage Personal Albums, then create an album from there.

People that have Personal Gallery will have a link in topics. Also, you can view peoples personal galleries, by using the link at the bottom of the main Gallery. You can also use the album BB Code on any picture throughout the whole gallery, if you want to add any picture to a post.

Also, if you got any Chelsea shots, past or present, post them in the categories in the Gallery link at the top of forum.

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  • 2 months later...

Ignore the posts above as that was for the last phpbb forum.

There is the same sort of Gallery here, and we're in the process of uploading the pictures from the last forum script, so it maybe empty for a few days.

Remember you still have personal galleries to add to in 'My Controls' if you want to add your own pictures.

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  • 4 months later...

I've created some nonsense humour sh*t over the years. They're in German at the moment but I can translate them, some of them consists of picture plus a description - can I upload the image and the corresponding text as a comment down? Because some of my pieces won't be understable without the text

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Hey that's nice - thanks! I'll see what I can carry out from my graphical archive :lol: It's long long ago when I've had them ... and some of my painting artworks could find a home here, too - on the painting site I got some abuse remarks - because of Frank Lampard!!!!!!!

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