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Charity Sheild Ticket Sales Stopped

Tea Bar Boy

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Welcome to Chelsea Football On-Line Ticketing.

We are currently experiencing problems with credit card processing. We are working with our card processing partner and hope to have the issue resolved as soon as possible. Tickets for the Community Shield will now be available at 07:00 tomorrow, Friday the 20th of July.

Did anyone get any or is this a way of saying they are sold out ?

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wanted to get rangers tickets today - got up at 6:30 as well.

everyone is in the same boat - no sales have gone through at all.

to be fair this time it seems its not the clubs fault, its the online authoristion company that has the problem

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I hate Eddie Barnett and the incompetent box office with a vengance

My husbands season ticket has not arrived we have waited and waited as the box office told us to do in case it turns up

Now with one day to go before we need to use it - its obviuosly not coming

You'd think it would be straighht forward to get ot correctly sent out

Oh no not Chelsea( don't give a toss FC)

Can't cancel it - so someone may use it tomorrow hence stopping him from buying either Reading away or the Charity Shield

Can't come to the box office with his passport as he can't show a valid ST - reason you haven't bloody sent it

Could buy on line or over the phone as long as the bugger from the Royal Mail doesn't get there first hence stopping the person who actually paid for the bloody thing from using it

Can we get a replacement - easy enough you'd think

No not so - can't apply for a replacement until 6th Aug!

Won't be ready for collection until day before Birmingham or day of the game!!

Why when there are always queues - will there be a separate queue for those unfortunate enough to have not recd their ST - no

Apparently there is never a queue at the box office on match day!!!!!!!!!

Why are we being inconvinienced

Apparently its not Chelsea's fault

They process and take your money but its the Royal Mail's fault we didn't get it

Chelsea accept no reponsibility for lost ST - he even mentioned a fee for reiisuing it!!!

No F...... chance

?650 for a ticket we can't use

Another frustrating year for the loyal fans of F... them all FC

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It is bollox!

I got through to the Box Office and the problem is with their system not being able to take any sort of card.

Not ONE single ticket was sold this morning.

And they hope to be back on track tomorrow morning.

But did anyone notice that as of this season....

.... Away tickets are to be split 50/50 between S/T holders and members.

That for me.......Is a joke!

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Away tickets are to be split 50/50 between S/T holders and members.

That for me.......Is a joke!

I'm really starting to wonder what the benefits of being a season ticket holder are, apart from kissing ?790 quid away at the start of the year. Some weren't even guaranteed final tickets last year, and member got an allocation. Really, whats the point?

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When have Chelsea ever looked after its LOYAL support??


I always thought it would get better when Bates left,but...

Its got worse if anything!!

The truth is ..........There aint any extra benefits to having a season ticket any more!

You pay for the games up front (get a slight discount per match)...

..... and the club then views you,as someone who is lucky to have a season ticket,in the first place.

Loyalty Points??

Dont aid you in getting tickets for finals!

Get wiped every year.

Dont have any purpose what so ever!!

What a joke....... not worth a w**k!!

The club needs to stop f**king about with Mickey Mouse and start looking out for its bread and butter support!!!

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From the OFFICIAL WEBSITE........

The new away scheme policy

Tickets for all away games will be divided 50-50 between season ticket holders and members after the allocation from corporate and the away season ticket holders have been removed from the overall away allocation. Tickets will be sold on a first come first served basis.

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Away tickets are to be split 50/50 between S/T holders and members.

That for me.......Is a joke!

I'm really starting to wonder what the benefits of being a season ticket holder are, apart from kissing ?790 quid away at the start of the year. Some weren't even guaranteed final tickets last year, and member got an allocation. Really, whats the point?

I am really starting to think the same thing now. I also agree with Glory the club do not take loyalty into it at all. I have been a club member since 1982 (last membership number was 9852) and been a season ticket holder for 10 years now. Not starting the new fan / old fan debate but my neighbor has just got a season ticket for this year. He is a long standing Chelsea fan but I will be f*cking fuming if he gets a ticket for a final and I don?t . Why should he get the same preferences for tickets after one season as me ? The club are just saying we?ve had your money f*ck off .

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It is ridiculous how a club can't implement a simple loyalty scheme that is fair and transparent.

Clubs trot out nonsense like ST get first dibs and ignore the fact that some ST holders have held it for just a year or two whereas some members have never been ST holders but have been members for a decade or more and have travelled home and away time and time again.

It is disgusting that you should get preference just because you can fork out the best part of a grand in one go and this preference comes over people who have forked out far far more than that over an extended period.

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It?s not f*uckin rocket science is it to implement a scheme that is fair to everyone and rewards loyalty

For every year you have held a season ticket you get 10 points awarded to you at the start of each new season i.e. if you have had a season ticket for 5 years your starting loyalty points for this year would be 50 points. Next season you would start with 60 etc

Loyalty points should be awarded for away games based on the distance of the ground from Stamford Bridge i.e. Newcastle would be 7 points , Le Arse 1.

Whoever has the most points gets first option on Final tickets etc ..

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But surely this would deter our US and Asian friends who would not be able to purchase a ticket if they just happen to be in London when we're playing 300.gif

Typical Chelsea or should I say Kenyon, try to appeal to as many people as possible for new custom, yet f*ck over the one's who have been loyal for years and got us out of trouble in the 'dark days'.

I honest think this will be my last year as a ST holder!

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My husband is absolutely fuming

He was going to go down and queue up in the morning for reading away as well as the charity shield

Everyone has given him the cash as no one wants to put 5 x 2 tickets on their card - to be honest with you its the end of the mth and most don't have ?300 to spare

So he wants to go down and queue esp since members get 50% of what's left after corporate etc etc

It works out about 70 tickets on sale at the box office but it better than trying to get through on the same day that CS tickets go on sale online aswell

Even with his passport and BT bill and the last 15 years ST's they can't without the new teamcard issue a ticket at the box office

But the new teamcard hasn't arrived - see previous post

We too are seriously thinking this will be our last year also - the interest rates keep going up so the ST's will be the last to go after cup & away games and because of the difficulty of getting them now - 5 years ago you couldn't give most of them away

Now members can have away ST as well

Many I know are just gonna get memberships and go to away games - its more fun

Once again PK & EB you couldn't organise a piss up in a ( insert whatever you like )

Seriously f...... off ST holder

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  • 2 weeks later...

I got my first membership in 1986 and my first season tkt in 94/95 after being offered a cup final tkt in 94 for ?250, which at the time was only a little less than a season tkt. Having been to every game of our cup run in 94 i decided i'd watch the final on tv and buy a season tkt for the following season(basis the result it turned out a good idea) in the old west stand, which was subsequently moved to MH upper.

I have had the same seat since with my dad and brother and watched how the price has trebled and the people have changed. I saw an old friend who had done pretty much the same thing except a few years ago he went travelling and gave up his tkt for one year, when he returned he could'nt get in the MH and has had a couple of years in the East upper. But he said he could'nt stand it up there, he told me never to give up my seat in the MH stand and that the atmosphere up there was terrible(also terrible at all grounds in general), that he was giving it up and would only return when we were sh*t again.

He was one of a handfull of CFC fans i new many years ago and i begged him not to let new fans spoil it for him. I have been debating the same thing since. Dont get me wrong, everybody is welcome at the bridge in my eyes the more the merrier , but like you guys on here i'm asking myself what the real benefits are of having a season tkt.

I used to like knowing i was going to be surrounded by people who wanted to sing and shout, who were passionate about their team like me but even in the MH upper thats slowly changing. I used to like knowing i'd be garunteed a tkt for every game but now some members are given priority. The discount on buying a season tkt which for me is a lot lower than most because i've had one for many years compared to buying a tkt for each game is minimal. And the thing that really pi**es me off is the fact that the guy who sits behind me, been there for a year, sits there talking about his job throughout the match and did'nt even know Dave Beasant played for us(and if he's there and he tells me to sit down again this season he will be visiting the MH lower tier) has got more LOYALTY points than me becuase he went to a cup game while i was on holiday.

The club is trying all sorts of things to improve the atmosphere at games on one hand and then giving tkt preference to people like this on the other. Bring in a proper loyalty scheme, reward the fans that have been around for ages keep a lid on the prices and kill 2 birds with 1 stone. By all means encourage whoever wants to watch us to do exactly that, but dont sell your soul in the process.

I have my season tkt this year and will probably have one for the rest of my life, unless i get banned or simply cant afford it like many others, both a real possibility.

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I have been going to chelsea since 1990. I went because it was my local club and all the people where I lived supported Chelsea (with the usual Ars**, Liverpool, Utd mob). it's was cheap for a juvenile (?3 in west benches) and the atmosphere was decent even when we played sh*t (can't say the same now).

I know this is about Cup tickets, but i feel the same as many people on here. I have only ever been a member and this year i have decided finally not to renew.

Some of the reasons are:

Being told to sit down every blo*dy game by stewards and Fans????

Being fleeced for every penny by the club

Cr*p atmosphere at the bridge unless 2-0 up and even then? (and i really hate to say it)

The icing on the cake was when season ticket holders at both chelsea and utd couldn't get final tickets.

The pub I drink in has loads of ex-season tkt holders and members who have been put off over the years.

Chelsea and other premier league clubs will have to change there attitude or they will be left with stadiums full of JCL and tourists.

I know too many chelsea fans who can't be bothered any more. And it has nothing to do with the 'loyalty' card that the club pulls.

The loyalty tends to be all one way if you ask me. 156.gif

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Guest Brian M
Chelsea and other premier league clubs will have to change there attitude or they will be left with stadiums full of JCL and tourists.

I think it's all about the bottom line for the clubs now. JCLs and tourists spend more on merchandise one suspects. So, if JCLs and tourists make up a full stadium, the clubs would probably prefer it. No doubt it'll get to a stage where they have to pipe in 'fan' songs over the tannoy during matches for 'atmosphere'. All politically correct, and no doubt in a variety of languages so as not to offend the non English speaking tourists.

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