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Chelsea vs Portsmouth MOTM


Who was your Shed End MOTM?  

61 members have voted

  1. 1.

    • Cech
    • Essien
    • Terry
    • Ben Haim
    • A Cole
    • SWP
    • Lampard
    • Mikel
    • Malouda
    • Drogba
    • Pizzaro
    • Cudicini
    • Belletti
    • J Cole
    • Kalou
    • Alex

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Today I will not vote because I didn't watch the entire game. I was eating dinner and trying to watch two games at once so you can imagine that I didn't see enough of the game to make a fair judgement on the players.

As far as I could tell Essien seemed very solid though.

How was Belletti?

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fantastic clearance from cash, and his best match so far this season, but I'm starting to get worried about how often he gets sucked in or is flat footed.

our best players were drogba and lamps I felt- I give it to lamps (set peices were mixed today, but moved the ball forward a lot, and did it well), but drogba was also very good.

beletti came on and did okay, nothing special, no real errors- freed essien to midfield though, which was good.

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Voted A. Cole - probably influenced by the commentators saying he was MOTM and his great clearance!

The results so far reflect the best performances I think.

Essien and Cole were very solid, Essien had some good forward moments. Lampard scored a good goal and played quite well. Drogba held the ball up fantastically, beat the offside trap most of the time and layed off a great ball for the goal.

Terry and Ben Haim were both very solid but didn't stand out - Ben Haim's passing seemed much improved

Mikkel didn't stand out at all - not sure if that's good or bad!

Pizarro seemed a little off pace as I feel he has been in previous games but looked strong, confident and worked hard - with a bit of luck he could have been on the score sheet.

Kalou was a great sub and would have been fantastic had he not been offside twice.

J. Cole and Belletti weren't really on long enough to make an impression but neither did anything wrong that stood out!

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missed out SWP and Malouda!!

SWP - worst game this season but then what a start he's had! But he was okay - only got into crossing positions a couple of times and put in decent balls but was out of the game most of the time.

Malouda was impressive apart from his shooting being way off! Looked strong and tricky going forward and got in some great positions - one of the top 4 or 5 players today.

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Kalou was a great sub and would have been fantastic had he not been offside twice.

Kalou worked better off the bench today than he did starting, IMHO. Pizarro looked to keep things simpler and got more shots in than Kalou when he starts. What shots Kalou got in were feeble. Maybe he needs to work on his shooting from outside the box to add a dimension to his play.

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