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McLaren back to the future!

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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I'm sure all you England fans are already making plans for the victory parade!


Are you a Scot BB?

My father was a Scot, my mother English, so I believe that makes me half and half. Much as I loved my mum, I've always felt a strong affiliation with Scotland since I was a young kid and always supported Scotland when it came to sports. I'm proud of my English side, but my feelings for Scotland are far stronger!


The fact that I was born in Battersea, about 2 miles from the Bridge, isn't really relevant, it's what's in your blood (or genes) that matters. If we take our nationality solely from our birthplace, then Cliff Richard would be Indian icon_eek.gificon_lol.gif

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But I've already sworn my allegiance - to Scotland! icon_lol.gif

Besides, isn't it an old tradition that you take your father's nationality?

Being half-English, I've tried to support England (when they're not playing against Scotland), but failed miserably. Even as a kid I couldn't get excited about the England team because I had the hump with Ramsey for not picking the likes of Osgood, Hudson, Hollins or Chopper - and up until very recently, England managers have all avoided Chelsea players like the plague.

Even if I saw myself as 100% English, I'd be a hypocrite to support the national team. I absolutely despise the likes of Beckham, Rooney, Gerrard, Ferdinand and Neville - just as I've hated many England players in the past, particularly those playing for Spuds, Arse, Manure, Scousers & Leeds. I couldn't suddenly cheer for those players just because they're playing for England! icon_eek.gif

To be honest, I have the same problem with the Scottish side - can't bring myself to cheer anyone who plays for Septic, never have been able to.

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Stocksmania! 169.gif

I must admit due to blood I have some love for the Irish. But I consider myself English and in a head-to-head i suppoort England..

The players do not come into my support though...

Can not say I have ever been too keen on Cashley, Vinny Jones or Alan Hudson. But I stay true blue.

But I always say you are what you are...

(how very Forrest Gump!) 247.gif

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