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John Sitton


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I remember watching that documentary a few years back - the bloke's a f*ckin' psycho! icon_eek.gificon_lol.gif

I couldn't believe the way he spoke to the players, and most of the time they just sat there and took it. If a manager spoke like that to any of the Sunday League teams I played for, he'd have been nailed to the goalpost. Interesting documentary though, wouldn't mind seeing it again.

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And those of us who were unlucky enough to have seen him play can testify that his playing ability was worse than his language.

Particularly when he was playing alongside Micky Nutton icon_eek.gif

Christ that takes me back. Circa 1978-9 wasn´t it? They were hardly JT/Gallas were they, but we had plenty of dross in those days...

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My username 'Sitton Doin Nutton' was an actual newspaper headline from the late 70's, after another woeful performance!

Could they be our defensive pairing ever?


For your first post it would have been nice if your question had made some sense.

Still, mentioning Sitton and Nutton is the same username is something. You could have named yourself after Robert Isaac and that bloke from Reading who never hurt anyone deliberately, cos he's a really nice guy etc.

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I can assure you I had the pleasure of the late 70s. I was there in the rain at Notts Forest when a Chelsea defence featuring the dynamic duo of Nutton and Sitton let in six. Thank you for bringing back such sweet memories.

Take my hat off to a true Chelsea fan mate. How many of todays JCL's would have gone through the likes of what we did way back thern?

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That was the one - it pissed down. Aylott was up front with, I think, Osgood left either on the bench or in the stands. He got as much stick as anyone ever has playing for us, and I felt sorry for him that night. Pretty sure the score was 6-0, after being 1-0 at HT.

As for the team, I think Britton and Bannon were in midfield, possibly with Lewington, with Langley upfront.

I think our worst ever fullback Graham Wilkins was at LB, but it could have been Stride, but can't remember who was at RB - I think Locke missed a lot through injury back then, so don't think it was him. I think either Phillips or Iles was in goal.

I look forward to someone digging out the actual line-up.

Forest won the EC that season. They had Trevor Francis and Woodcock up front, and I remember Martin O'Neill taking us apart on the right.

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Borota was in goal - he'd made his debut a few weeks before, as had Sitton and Nutton.

I am way to young to have seen that team play, but Borota is a name well known to me being from former Yugoslavia. My dad always talks about the goalkeepers crazy antics; dribbling the ball of the goal post during games, saving a penalty then walking into the goal with the ball to retrieve his cap, etc... We need more ppl like him in the modern game.

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