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royston drenthe


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I'd take him, for sure. He's talented and still very young; so he'll only get better.

When we were linked with him before I questioned the need for him as we had Bridge and A. Cole as left backs and Joe and Robben as left wingers. Obviously we are now down Robben but have brought in Malouda. So we are still reasonably (injuries permitting) well sorted for left sided players but, as we have been for a long time, it is the right hand side where we are short of options.

So why target another left sided player?

In fact if I recall you hadn't seen much of him when we were linked with him before and I doubt you could have seen much of him since he joined Real so on what basis would you take him for sure?

I just see him as an entirely unnecessary signing unless we are going to give up on Malouda after half a season or tell Joe his Chelsea career is over.

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He couldn't cut it in Spain so can he cut it here?

Apart from vids on youtube I've only seen like 1-2 games with him and I can't say that I'm impressed. The way people talked about him after the U21 competition (can't remember what it was now) it was like he's the future superstar. But I haven't seen it yet.

And from what I've seen of him he's certainly not a LB. I wouldn't trust playing him there.

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Guest Brian M

Hi Loz, you should know the answer to your question. You've known me a decade now, pretty much, and my likes and dislikes in attacking players hasn't changed a whole heck of a lot in that time. The one thing I rate above all else (have ALWAYS rated), is a player who is a true magician with the ball at his feet (that and someone who has a shot like a howitzer!).

Why do you think I still proudly ponse around the streets of Sydney in my Zola 25 Chelsea shirt? Why do you think I rate the mighty Zlatan? It's because players like them can do with an orange...what others can barely do with a ball... woohoo.gif

To me, there is nothing more exciting than watching someone who can perform miracles and wonders with the ball while running at a defender or three. RD is in the AR mould. And that part of AR's game I really liked (not the diving, the complaining, etc). RD is not in the Malouda mould. Malouda seems to me to be a far less skilful and more 'direct' type of winger, than either AR or RD. More Gronks than AR, if you will.

In the current Chelsea team we have Joe Cole and to a lesser degree, SWP and Kalou, as our only players who can do amazing things with the ball to get past a bemused looking defender. And that's it. So getting someone like Royston will help us break down stubborn defences who play 11 behind the ball, and also help us play more sexy, exciting football.

And yes, he still has a lot to learn. But he's got talent to burn, and age on his side. And even as someone to bring off the bench to change the game, he'd be worth it. Because do any of us ever expect Sheva or Mr. Piz to change the game when they come off the bench?

I rest my case... icon_wink.gif

PS: from what I've seen of him he's got a good right foot on him, as well as a great left. So he and Joe Cole could swap wings etc to great effect.

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Guest srtuk90

He's over rated and to compare him with Robben is laughable.

No doubt with the incompetence of Chelsea we're putting in a bid of 50 million as we speak.

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I fear he may be Holland's equivalent of Sweepy!

icon_lol.gif After the Under-21s European Championships, he was supposed to be the best young talent around. If I remember correctly, the few times he played for Real, he was not bad. But you can't go to Real being so young, and then expect to play every week, I'm sure he will have been told that before he signed. And if he has any sense, he'll realise that another major club won't guarantee him a starting place either.

I think his pride would stand in the way of admitting defeat (if that's what you can call it) so early in his contract. He'll stick around.

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Italian super agent Enzo Bronzetti is convinced Chelsea are set to sign Real Madrid wing-back Royston Drenthe.

Bronzetti, who has close ties to Real, revealed: "As far as I know the player will go to Chelsea.

"Drenthe is already a done deal for Chelsea in January."

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