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Clod McAlleleigh


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whenever my wife is puttering around the house while i'm watching a Chelsea match, she loves it when she hears the announcers saying Maka's name and always repeats it, "Makalele." for the first time in 4 years, however, she was watching part of the match with me when Maka got knocked down in the FA Cup game vs. Wigan and she saw what he looked like. she couldn't believe it. she always thought he was an Irish lad, name spelled "Clod McAlleleigh."

erin go braugh, Clod!

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The other day, when an FA Cup match was on the BBC (don't remember which one), the commentators kept saying things like "Useless pass", which I felt was a bit harsh. Then I saw the name on one player's kit: Eustace! Then it all fell into place.

That's the price you pay for English not being your first language....

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That's the price you pay for English not being your first language....

Or the price for old age. icon_wink.gif


Could also be "that time of the month". Women do get slightly insane then. Some men too icon_rolleyes.gif

Yes, I get slightly insane every day. Something must be wrong with me.

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