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England's No.1?


Who is England's No.1?  

31 members have voted

  1. 1.

    • James
    • Carson
    • Green
    • Kirkland
    • Robinson

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none are perfect (or ideal even) but it's james- he's the best technically and is in the best form.

all make errors though, but he recovers quicker than robinson certainly... and he has experience playing in a major tournaments.

I like kirkland, the injuries have slowed his development, but he's still got time.

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Rob Green has become a consistent, confident, no thrills sort of a goal keeper in the last couple of years, he rarely makes mistakes (and he's alway under a lot of pressure with their defence in front of him) and has got to be the choice now and for a long time to come. He's already been through the dodgey keeper faze that all english keepers seem to go through.

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They lack a little bit of extra quality yes, but most of the players listed are all consistant performers for their premiership team. It is not like they are looking in the Championship for the next England no.1

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Isn't O Aluminium at Arsenal thinking of applying for citizenship.? He could be another below Robinson in the choices if we're looking for jokers.

The most consistent has been Green followed by Kirkland but neither have had a decent centre back in front of them. Anton Ferdinand or Bramble? Some option.

James gets the current plaudits, he is a terrific shot stopper but what do we need for 2010 qualification. Hart at Man City for the future. Carson seems to have been cast aside

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I had to Pick Carson

James - Undeniably the form national keeper over the last 18 months, but we need to move the squad into the future and for that reason alone (apart from his obvious calamity moments) he can't get my vote.

Green, I've never personally been a fan I think he lacks concentration, doesn't command the players in front of him or even his six yard box, has slow reactions, doesn't read situations to well and lacks the ability to cut it above his current level.

Kirkland - showed promise when he first came onto the scene, has had a lot of injuries and has never really progressed at all, decent enough keeper to do a job when required. But he can be a liability on an off day - again I just don't see enough about him to think International football is his level.

Robinson - Now I quite liked him despite the sh!te he played for when he burst onto the scene at club level and immediately thought we (as a nation) had found a decent No 1 for years to come, he was strong, commanding, had good agility, read the game well and made some great camera saves to boot. But he has just gone backwards and backwards to the level where he is now also a liability and is obviously having serious confidence problems, He actually reminds me of Calamity at his calamitous best!!!

Carson - There is something special about this bloke in my opinion, forget his awful start to his International career. I really honestly believe he will grow into one of the best keepers around within the next few years. Personally I think he has the lot, confidence, commanding, reads the game well can take a cross and is an excellent "shot stopper" (a phrase I hate as keepers that's their job!). He has been very very consistent at club level and I think he can step up another level.

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