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Leave Us Alone!

Mr Chelsea

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No way............... seriously?!

Yep, some scouser called in and slagged Wrighty of for cheering when West Ham scored in the FA cup final against the scousers. Blind c**t didn't seem to realise it was Rio who jumped up and cheered.

Rest of the programme was the usual dross of scouse fans blaming the police, blaming the stewards, blaming the turnstiles blah blah blah.

Let's face it scousers, Liverpool in Europe = you w**kers rushing the turnstiles near kick off time. Happens EVERY single time.

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I've tried to avoid this thread. I think I've stated my ever so well thought out, completely and utterly factual and rational opinions on that bunch of low life scumbags often enough already.

However. All this latest little gripe of theirs does is emphasise the self-delusional, self-obsessed nature of these sub-humans. It seems that Scousers as a breed consider themselves a special case. And that is perhaps my sole point of agreement with the average rat muncher, except that in this context, my definition of "special" differs substantially from theirs. And then some.

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