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Blues boss targets Kaka and Messi!

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Chelsea manager Avram Grant has revealed that he wants to bring South American superstars Kaka and Lionel Messi to Stamford Bridge.The Blues boss has already pledged to spend big in this summer's transfer market and has now made the unusual step of naming two of his top targets.

Milan ace Kaka is the current World Player of the Year, while gifted young Argentina international Messi regularly lights up Camp Nou with his stunning displays for Barcelona.

Grant has struggled to win over sections of the sceptical Chelsea support who feel he has failed to match up to the standards set by Jose Mourinho.

The Israeli's only realistic hope of silverware this season now appears to be the UEFA Champions League, with an enthralling clash with Premier League rivals Liverpool on the horizon.

Monday's 1-1 home draw against Wigan left Chelsea five points adrift of Manchester United in the Premier League title race, and Grant has vowed to act ahead of next season.

He told the Daily Star: "We need to do something. We want to be more consistent and of course I need players who can help with this.

"Will it take a flair player like Kaka or Messi? I will not reject that one of those names will be here.


"Will they come? I think so, yes. This is a big club."

He added: "Only one team can win the Champions League. Only one team can be champions of England.

"You think players will only come to these two teams? No.

"It's not about how many players - it's about which player you can bring. We want a different style of football. If a player is good for this, we want to take him.

"I am already planning icon_rolleyes.gif . We're speaking about it all the time for the long and short-term."

100 million for kaka and messi? icon_eek.gif300.gificon_lol.gif

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Theres a snowball's change in hell of us signing Kaka and Messi.

Some snowballs may have a fighting chance.... But Messi to leave Barca? Kaka out of Milan? Seriously delusional. Kaka would be more likely to go to Madrid or Man U. I think Messi is pretty happy where he is and he's still quite young to be picking up and moving any time soon.

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Yeah right Grant!

What sh*t, THIS IS A BIG CLUB!!

Oh c'mon, there are a lot of big clubs out there and you expect Messi and Kaka to sign for Grant's Blues.

Sometimes I wonder..

Do RA and AG want this club to be Chelsea FC or Soccer All-Stars?

Only signing stars results in an average team-chemistry, which Grant fails to understand. Why not bring in talent and make them work as an unit instead of just piling up the big names of football.

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why not. sod it. we get slagged of no matter what we do, so lets play up to it. lets spend billions buying anyone and everyone. then when we win everything with a squad worth £500 million we can revel in it. id love roman to come out and say "the media hates us and hammers us all the time. so ive decided to enjoy it. from now on were gonna do what the hell we want whenever we want. and theirs f**k all you can do about it" then finish with a nice evil laugh.......

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This reminds me of when we were going to spend 60 million to get Ronaldinho or 50 million to get Henry.

Wont happen and should never happen. We are meant to have a good scouting network, don't see why we can't find the next Kaka or Ronaldo and spend a max of around 15 - 20 mill.

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Wont happen and should never happen. We are meant to have a good scouting network, don't see why we can't find the next Kaka or Ronaldo and spend a max of around 15 - 20 mill.

We've got Di Santo, let's spend £50m improving him, training him rather than getting the ready made version.

That said, I'd happily see Kaka in the blue shirt.

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50 mil is probably a pisstake but having said that, there's only very few footballers in the world that are worth spending crazy money on and Kaka is definitely one of them.

What's not to like? World class talent,big, strong, fast, brilliant technique, great passing and shooting, and he'll turn only 26 in a few days. Has got great attitude and is loved by teammates and fans.

He is exactly the kind of player we're missing in midfield and he's at his peak. His physical attributes make him a good bet to withstand the tough nature of premiership and he is the kind of player that makes a difference.

I don't see Milan selling him and Kaka seems to be settled there but if there's even a slightest chance of getting him i'd go for it even if it cost arm and leg.

Who knows, if the rumours of Ronaldinho coming to AC Milan are true we may have a small chance.

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Di Matteo is a current Italian international playing in the best leaguein the world, there's no way he would sign for Chelsea........................

I don't want Kaka, only because I think he's overrated, either that or i'd never be able to watch another Chelsea game (I've never seen him have a good game), but players move about all the time, if it's what's best for the individual.

By the way, I'm feeling punchy this afternoon!

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