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Getting to Moscow - how?


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Like many others here I can't make it to Moscow (money, work etc.) so I'm living the dream through my brother. He's managed to get all his travel sorted for about £130 - the catch is he's going to be away for about a week!

I decided to set him up a blog about his journey which I he will update as he goes along (depending on technology). He has already been to Riga and back last week to buy his train tickets to Moscow.

To view the blog visit http://www.journeytomoscow.com (link posted with Loz's permission) please pass it on to friends.

The BBC are supposedly interviewing him along the way - I've just got to help sort him out a phone and camera.

Would love to hear any other crazy routes people are taking.

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hi Dan

Cheers for posting this up

Can you alter your links a little as we changed them last night as part of the upgrade

The forum is now 'www.theshedend.com'

and the fansite is




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Just spoke to my brother - he's waiting at the airport in Sweden in the sunshine after spending the night camping out in a local town. He's met a few Man U fans at the airport but no Chelsea.

The BBC have been interviewing him along the way and have put up a pagehttp://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/7408693.stm

And depending on phone reception he may be interviewed on Gold music (formerly capital gold) for their breakfast show tomorrow!

He's hoping to update his blog later today from Riga.


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This probably won't reach him in time, and it's not all that important, but I just read his itinerary and saw that he's planning on doing some shopping at Stockmann. Not sure how the prices are now, but that's not going to be a very cheap option to shop. Well...compared to other Latvian stores, that is. Although I think it should have a very good selection to choose from. If it has not changed since I last visited and if he has time, there's a Rimi supermarket right around the corner: Next to Stockmann is the Forum movie multiplex center and I think the Rimi supermarket was just on the other side of that building. Well it's not far anyway if it's still there. It's been a few years since my last visit, so I don't how their prices compare these days, but thought I'd give a little heads up, just in case he's interested to check it out. 429.gif

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Thanks for the wishes and advice - had a 2 minute chat to my brother on the phone earlier and have passed them on.

He's put up a few pics of the train journey on the blog - apparently half the people on the train were Chelsea and Man U fans and there was a friendly atmosphere.

I'm feeling terribly for all those fans left stranded by that plane at the airport

Feeling nervous!

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Just had a 30 second chat to my brother on the phone. He was in the stadium and couldn't hear a word from me because of the noise from the Chelsea fans. Sounded electric - the hairs are standing on the back of my neck!

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