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Pink FLoyd Night on BBC4 tonight


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Documentary about the band's history first charting them from the very start right up to the Live 8 reunion, then a documentary about 'Dark Side of the Moon' (which has been on a few times before) and then a documentary about Syd Barrett.

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The Barrett documentary is the Crazy Diamond one which is the one I think the BBC made a while ago. Long time since I have seen it but if I recall it has a section in it about when Barrett went to the studio to see Floyd record 'Shine on You Crazy Diamond' (which was a song about Barrett - the lyric 'you piper, you prisoner' being a direct reference to Barrett) and Waters burst into tears because he was so shocked at the way Barrett looked.

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Had seen it before but watched it again from start to finish (should've taped it first time) and found it brilliant, informative and moving. Best band ever!

Why don't they make music like that anymore?

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Best band ever!

Agreed wholeheartedly. I have seen Floyd twice in concert but, due to my age (which is not exactly tender, but certainly not mutton yet) I have never seen Waters and Gilmour on the same stage live. When I saw Live 8 I remember thinking (and I think I posted on here) that seeing them playing together was almost on a par with seeing us win the title.

That was a night that pigs did fly!

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