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City and Toon want SWP


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im torn over wether id like him to leave. on one hand if hes happy being a squad player then i wouldnt mind him staying. but i dont think he`ll ever make the right wing position his own. he doesnt have the quality to be 1st choice, but hes as good as you could get for a squad player.

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I think SWP has had enough chances over the last few years to prove himself.

Without Duff and Robben, this should have been HIS year to stamp himself in the first team. But despite being given a whole lot of opportunities in the early and mid season, he again ends the year as he has ended every year with Chelsea since he came to us - as clear 4th choice out of 4 for the wide-forward spot.

But - there is absolutely no point in flogging him off to Newcastle or City right now if we don't have an adequate replacement. This is a mistake that the club has made time and again over the last few seasons.

We loaned out Crespo at the very start of the transfer window, then were taken to the cleaners for Drogba.

We sold off Del Horno at the start of the transfer window, then were backed into a corner at the absolute last minute for the Ashley Cole deal.

Lets learn from our mistakes and sign Robinho/Quaresma or whoever first (preferably after we sort out the manager situation), then sell Shaun later once he is surplus to requirements. Not before.

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Swap him for Duff bananapowerslide.gif

That would be my request if we sell him to the Toon, and there is no dancing banana because I am totally serious.

Duffer was versatile, has a little seasoning, and is a GREAT team presence. Not to mention my favorite player of the last few seasons. I know there is little chance of it happening but his career at Newcastle has been so average that I would fancy us asking for him as a throw in for SWP

...who, in my opinion, has been an unmitigated failure here. As Tom said it, he had his chance, and even after some good performances, failed to run with a first team place. But I too think we should wait until we are SURE we have a replacement in the bag. If that is Quaresma, all the better

Im sure City would take him back with open arms, considering he would have turned a tidy 14 million pound profit on what was, in essence, a 3 year loan deal icon_rolleyes.gif

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Someone should buy him. 8mill seem too little for a guy who will shine in a smaller club. He isn't world class though. On a good day he destroy's defences but we never saw too many of his good days. I think we should take the 8mill and be happy with it. He is still relatively young he should play instead of sitting on the bench.

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If we can get 8 million for him, I say take it. We paid a ridiculous amount of money for him in the first place, and this shows. He's done nothing to live up to the amount we paid for him, but that can be said of many players. There is one price for everyone else, and another when it comes to Chelsea.

I reccon he should go, and if we can get 8-10 million, so be it!

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