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The I Hate International Week Thread


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I hate international breaks, I think I'm going to spend this one looking at the Premier league table!

I don't actually hate it. It is more of a needed break from club football to me. A little change of scenery, if you wish.

BTW, anyone who shares a dislike for Italy, keep an eye out for our (Bulgaria's) game with them on Saturday.

Fingers crossed :unsure:

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Nice! How's the atmosphere there during Wales' matches?

I think a friendly between Finland and Wales was one of the first matches at Millenium stadium.

Atmospheres pretty good, especially for the bigger teams, tonight won't be to mental as its only Lichtenstein, who we should really beat..

It made me "lol" last night when Bellamy said "look mate were only wakes so any win is a good win" Now thats ambition!

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Finland's U21 team qualified for the European Championships for the first time ever. Austria won the first leg of the play-offs 2-1 and took the lead in the second leg after just 26 minutes, but Finland scored two goals during the last ten minutes to make it 3-3 on aggregate. No goals were scored during the extra time, so it went to penalties. Eventually Finland took it 4-2 on penalties.


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Makismov, Wales V Finalnd in the next world cup qualifiers next April I think..

It's at the end of March. We'll have to improve a LOT after our performance against Russia to have a chance of getting something out of the game. Our attacking was good against Germany, but after that...not so much.

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We played well against Germany and lost out! Hopefullu we'll do better against Finland and Germany during the next spell, i'll be going to both games as they're at home, will you be making the journey over? :D

We will need to win both games to have any chance of qualifying..

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