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What Console?

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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So say I have a few hundred in my pocket and going to go get a new console? What one do I buy?

I'm drawn to the 360 because had a xbox for years now and there seems to be a lot more you can with it in terms of hardware B)

Although a Wii maybe seems a bit more fun?

And what of the PS3, how does that compare to the Xbox 360?

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PS3 for Blue Ray.

360 for better action games and more serious games and better online games.

Wii for family fun games

Thats what i think anyway B)

I have a 360 and Wii.

Most of the PS3 games come out for 360 anyway. I know people who just got the PS3 for blu ray because it was the cheapest blu ray player around.

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I'd say go with the 360, loads of great games and polished online play. The Wii is great fun but you're not going to get the BIG games on it.

The graphical difference between the 360 and PS3 is negligible, especially now all 360s come with HDMI.

If you do go for the 360, go for one with a hard drive, as Microsoft are updating Dashboard soon and you'll need the space.

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Defo the 360 mate, if you have a HD TV make the most of it with the elite, graphics are stunning and the graphics refresh rate of the 360 is actually faster, so the PS3 can stutter with the graphics from time to time, not to mention the better titles on the 360, and more online players..

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If it's not good advice, I don't listen moi :D

I'm not really a drinker, so it doesn't really appeal to me.

Cheers for the link Benji, is the Premium version different because of the Hard Drive?

Yeah the Premium version is the one that comes with a hard drive. The £129 is just the standard 360.

So when you are looking look for the premium or Elite 360s.

Oh and don't forget to buy Fable 2 when it comes out! The game looks great and if you played the first one on the xbox you will love Fable 2.

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I was considering getting either the Xbox or PS3... I want to play either FIFA or Pro Evo.

I bought the Nintendo Wii to cheer me up when I went through a bit of a rough patch recently and it just sits there gathering dust... so although I do want a new toy, I can't justify spending the amount of money on it.

However, I would opt for the PS3, simply because Sony are reliable.

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All XBox 360's come with HDMI ports now, even the Arcade version which I own.

all 360`s do have hdmi, but only the elite has true HD capabilities. plus the arcade doesnt have a hard disk though you can get one fairly cheap. if you can afford it go for the elite, simply because you get the HD gaming experience, which is fantastic.

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Go for the XBOX 360 for a few reasons.

1) Pretty much all games for the PS3 are available on 360 anyway.

2) Wii can get annoying on certain games, especially footy games. :|

3) 360 is about...erm...£200 cheaper than a PS3...

I bought a 360 a week ago now and so far it hasn't disappointed!

Best games? Ohh FIFA 09 obviously. The Force Unleashed (Star Wars) is pretty awesome, albeit a bit short. Can't go wrong with Halo 3, or COD4. Found out the other day Brothers In Arms: Hells Highway is pretty amazing, if you like war games with plenty of gore...

Dubzz is right, november/december a load of games are coming out that are expected to be awesome, and to add to the list Dubzz made, Guitar Hero 4 is coming out very soon, now with a drum set! :(

Go for the 360. You know you want to ;)

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the new COD beta for the 360 is great, i never played COD and now im hooked.

XBOX is more reliable, better internet connection (yea so u pay for it) and it's just a great overall system. I used to love my ps2, but im glad i didnt get the ps3, plus my friends just broke the other day and he has to wait 3 weeks for a new one! me i walked into the game store and they gave me a new 60g xbox and $50-Get the XBOX 360!!

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