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fao Loz - one for the Xmas list....


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how you seen this new 'sound of the smiths' compilation that has just been released too ? its an official product by all counts (i.e m&m have given their ok!)

disc one is the standard stuff but the second disc has some very interesting stuff on it...

Disc: 2

1. Jeane (3:02)

2. Handsome Devil (Live) (2:53)

3. This Charming Man (New York Vocal) (5:33)

4. Wonderful Woman (3:08)

5. Back To The Old House (3:04)

6. These Things Take Time (2:22)

7. Girl Afraid (2:44)

8. Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want (1:50)

9. Stretch Out And Wait (2:37)

10. Oscillate Wildly (3:26)

11. Meat Is Murder (Live) (5:34)

12. Asleep (4:10)

13. Money Changes Everything (4:40)

14. The Queen Is Dead (6:23)

15. Vicar in a Tutu (2:21)

16. Cemetery Gates (3:35)

17. Half a Person (3:35)

18. Sweet And Tender Hooligan (3:34)

19. Pretty Girls Make Graves [Troy Tate Demo] (3:42)

20. Stop me If you Think You've Heard This One Before (3.31)

21. What's The World? (Live) (2:06)

22. London (Live) (2:36)

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More details here

2. “Handsome Devil (Live at The Haçienda, Manchester 4/2/83)â€

11. “Meat Is Murder (Live at Oxford Apollo 18/3/85)â€

22. “What’s the World? (Live at The Barrowlands, Glasgow 25/9/85)â€

23. “London (Live at National Ballroom, Kilburn)

Did you have the Troy Tate Demo ? If so where did you get it ?!!

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No that was the only thing I didn't have although now that you have put the live details up I don't have those either.

Just had a look on ebay - copies going for a reasonable price - I think I'm going to have a dose!

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