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Chelsea Quiz 9 Results


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Here are the answers to last week's picture round.

1. QuizPicture11.gif - Chopper Harris

2. QuizPicture21.gif - Celestine Babayaro

3. QuizPicture31.gif - Mark Bosnich

4. QuizPicture41.gif - Scott Sinclair

5. QuizPicture51.gif - - Mikael Forssell

Nobody got all five correct and for the first time ever we got a few people getting all five wrong. Geezer and G4 were the only two to get four out of five although if I had to pick one of the two or this week's star prize it would be G4 on the grounds that the one he got wrong was Sinclair (he thought it was Mark Stein which was not a bad shout) whereas Geezer said Forssell was Paul Elliott!!

This table shows how everyone did. This table only shows people who submitted answers - from now on I won't be showing people who don't submit an answer.


and this one shows the overall standings (without people who haven't submitted for 3 consecutive quizzes)


Quiz 10 will be posted in a few minutes - never too late to join in - we have three new people this week (Mike O, G4 and Rub Buh Juh)

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I'd like to point out that Loz's solution is wrong. No 1 is clearly Speedie (check out the vaguely reddish colouring),


No2 is Canoville laughing at Hollins' decision to buy Jerry Murphy

Sadly there are no Google images to back me up here

No3 is Casiraghi (I know he didn't play many games, but it's clearly him),


No 4 as everyone agrees is Mark Stein,


and No 5 is, on reflection, Forssell, not Dennis Wise.

So Loz - you scored 1/5. Relegation form.

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