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  1. that Tottenham away strip is God awful could be the worst in PL history
  2. If only every match day thread could be like this full of optimism, hope, peace and harmony.....
  3. If we play all 38 games like this, we'll be right in the fight for the title.
  4. what a strike! we've a central defender with a great strike - praise be
  5. I'd hate to be playing for Palace in this game. Just running after shadows.
  6. we're looking good today - lots of movement, direct, good pace 2-0 well deserved
  7. great to see the guys spending so much time with the fans celebrating this
  8. it was a pretty crap performance but we're winners and that's what counts Come on Chelsea!!
  9. just heard the 600 Villareal fans behind the goal were separated from the rest because they had no Covid vaccination certificates - had buses take them directly to the ground.
  10. really need to keep our focus against this lot. we're better than them but we are letting them find ways through us and they've a goal threat
  11. don't know what Rudi was meant to do there if he was going to win the ball, he was going to make contact with the guy Tuchel booked too now - think this ref is losing the plot
  12. our defending looks a little suspect - they are finding space and a better team would capitalise on that
  13. just not good enough - look like a team short of a proper pre-season and coasting a bit on last season's glory there's a lot of work to be done at Rangers
  14. Don't know what's going on at the back - we look like we've just rolled out of the pub 1-2 disaster
  15. Looking fragile and uncertain at the back, a bit of quality from them 1-1
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