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  1. I think we were that bad we made The Blades look half decent
  2. Our defence must be sh*t if Benteke can score, first goal at Selhurst since 2018!,
  3. I don’t comment on here much really falling into the category of being an old git and not being surprised by anything in football, although results like last nights still leave a bloody nasty taste! Anyway here are some of my observations most of which have probably been highlighted on here!! Kepa: not a bad keeper but he’s typically continental, crosses are a definite no no which means you need a very powerful centre half or twin centre half’s to defend the six yard box. I watched Rudiger when he was playing in the Bundasliga and while he’s been with us, a good player but the uncertainty of the keeper behind him seems to have affected his confidence. Definitely think he needs a Terry like figure alongside him then I think he’ll be fine. Christiansen btw is not the answer as a defender nor is Zouma, you can see the panic in his eyes when Kepa bowls the ball out to him and his defending is very questionable as well, can’t fault his enthusiasm though. The collection of full backs we have are ok, but we could probably do better in the transfer market if anything decent is available (don’t think we will ever be fortunate to have another Ashley Cole or Ivanovich again) The midfield boys and the forwards we are very strong in that area, especially with Werner and Ziyech to come, it’s a question of Frank just finding the right combination and the players he selects understanding his system. So in effect we need to get a dominant centre half alongside Rudiger and if Kepa still looks dodgy with a pretty decent defence in front of him get Kaspar Smeichel!! Our forward line and midfield players have the potential to be as good as anything in the Premier league at the moment It’s also Franks first season so I don’t think you’ll see the consistency he so craves from his team this year. Oh and while I think John Terry was one of the best centre halves this country has produced I don’t think he’d be the answer to our defensive frailties from a coaching point of view, just look where Villa are!!!
  4. Bloody shame I loved those Boxing Day derbies, that's why this site is so great the old days are the best.
  5. 'Tommy Baldwin he's the leader of the team'........ Great pictures CB, especially the one of the Scottish wizard, how are things at Colston Avenue this season?
  6. 'Tommy Baldwin he's the leader of the team'........ Great pictures CB, especially the one of the Scottish wizard, how are things at Colston Avenue this season?
  7. BTW Carshalton Blue fabulous pics, keep em coming
  8. Ossie was handed the ban by the FA for being booked 3 times!, he was also given a £150 fine. This was looked upon as being draconian at the time (some may say still is compared to today) but the FA were determined to clamp down on consistent offenders and made an example of Osgood and CFC (nothing changes does it) In my original post I stated the ban was for six weeks, actually it was eight and the ban only finished two days before the Brugge match
  9. The Brugge return leg at the Bridge was the best evening game I've attended outside the FA cup final replay and the Inter Milan Fairs cup match in the 60's ( an Ossie special in that game) Incidentally the king had comeback from a six week ban by the FA that night, what an evening!!

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