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  1. No it isn't short sighted at all. A title is a title, 3rd, 4th or 5th isn't, it's that simple. No offence to you (genuinely) but I have a real problem with the attitude that top 4 is more important than a trophy. It's the executives job to worry about money, not ours. The only time in this clubs history where it could be argued that top 4 was more important than an FA cup was 02/03 and we all know the situation we were in then. I'd take the FA cup over top 4 all day long, what I won't take is a piss poor performance in a cup final and dropping out of the top 4 because we didn't take every game seriously, that is the situation we are in right now.
  2. That a game competing to finish in the top 4 is more important that a cup final? No, not at all.
  3. I'm not necessarily talking about this season's recruits, though the warning regarding Werner and Ziyech look to be true. The overall quality of players we get compared to what we're spending is poor, it's that simple.
  4. Couldn't care less. I do care that he got us De Bruyne and Salah though....
  5. Totally the wrong attitude and probably sums up why we lost today. This was a cup final, tuesday isn't. Also, the only reason Tuesday is a big game is because we didn't take the arsenal game seriously.
  6. I'd say he's got it right. Our recruitment since getting shot of Emenalo has largely been shocking, ironic given how everyone thought he was the anti-christ!
  7. The interview currently taking place on BT isn't encouraging. I hope he's doesn't seriously think it was down to luck.
  8. What we did with the ball in our possession is what lost us the game, not Kepa.
  9. We put ourselves in a position where the result of the leicester game (in the league) would have no bearing on top 4 hopes. We threw that away agains't arsenal. If we lose against leicester, we aren't getting top 4. Aside from that and back to the main point. Tuchel is responsible for today. 100%.
  10. No, your taking an easy cop-out again. If you're going to quote me then quote the full sentance. I said "Beating city to get to the final and beating them in the league means absolutely nothing when you perform as we have over the last week." and it's totally true, We put ourselves in a commanding position after city in the league and we threw it away with an awful personell decisions and a piss poor show from the start against arsenal, we totally negated the advatage we got ourselves. Same today, why put such effort to beat city in the semi to then hamstring ourselves with the lineup and put in another half arsed performance in the final?
  11. Find a quote if you can. You're still hiding away from the subject. Today was on him. Not good enough.
  12. Glad to say I don't feel the same. Today is a final top 4 isn't.
  13. Nobody is kneejerking, you're just taking an easy cop out. Beating city to get to the final and beating them in the league means absolutely nothing when you perform as we have over the last week. The starting line-ups, subsequent substitutions and intesity throughout the games have been utterly appalling. The loss against l'arse and today and against leicester are on Tuchel. If he can't get the squad up for games like this at this time of the season then he won't last, and trying to shoe-horn Frank Lampard into a conversation that has nothing to do with him isn't going to change that.
  14. I'll never understand this, top 4 is not, and never will be, more important than a cup final! Disgusting attitude
  15. 100% on Tommy again today. Serious, serious reservations now. Not good enough.
  16. and their goal was handball so what's var's excuse?
  17. We're gonna get players sent off after the whistle f**king disgrace all around today
  18. Absoute disgrae, if thats taken by VAR then they HAVE to take leicesters
  19. This is f**king pitifull, second time in a week and I knew it'd be like this again, third final in a row!
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