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  1. Has to be dropped now, he has been terrible since the prem caught on to him. Sarri blames players motivation but picks same team every week
  2. I'm a willian fan but if this is the deal it is too good to turn down
  3. But if we don't build we are going to struggle top 4 every year
  4. False 9 seemed to work against bad teams but against better you need that strikers instinct
  5. Typical athletico, they are one of those teams that always want a player on loan, but if we go ask about one of their players we get silly figures thrown about
  6. Always thought Jody will assist either jt or lamps if they get the chance
  7. Is this game on tv anywhere 2nite, I haven't Chelsea tv anymore
  8. My guess would be a sample top made, don't think it was ever a training top
  9. Dont like getting at our players but Sorry but this man has not been good enough for Chelsea for a long time, what does he bring to the team.. Give zappacosta a run in the side
  10. Problem is he will probably play against Oxford in the checkatrade
  11. Rob Beasley has said that he is not getting on with goalkeeper coach. He normally knows what's happening
  12. Can't see club making an announcement until planning is almost approved. Hope that is soon
  13. We will fill 60000 no prob, have you tried buying members tickets this season? It's a nightmare

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