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  1. ZippyNW

    Home grown players

    Any chance of a contract? I am paying to keep fit at the moment. And I would be cheaper.
  2. ZippyNW

    possible problem

    It was my pc first which had problems. My antimalware things came up warning of Trojans. The software seemed to deal with it so I continued. I then tried on my mobile and it refused to load with warnings. Afterwards , I ran 4 antimalware programmes to clean my pc in case but they all came up with nothing. It has worked fine for 2 days now.
  3. ZippyNW

    possible problem

    Even my phone gets through this morning. It shows someone is working hard behind the scenes.
  4. Good morning, One for the moderators: My anti-malware software went potty yesterday warning of trojans when I tried go on this site. Also my mobile refuses to load it, issuing warnings. I am using a VPN now (no idea if that makes it safer - beyond my pay grade). Just in case something needs doing! Zippy
  5. ZippyNW


  6. ZippyNW

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Jokanovic and Zola 1 and 2?
  7. ZippyNW

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Who for the assistant role? I would like a Chelsea person. Roberto? Gus?
  8. ZippyNW

    Next Chelsea Manager

    For me, the shame is that Morris has gone. There was a great opportunity to put him as number 2 with instructions to play the fantastic youth we have and build a team. I hope that does not mean they are going to carry on ignoring the talent already there.
  9. ZippyNW


    Now all we need is a night out with Roman to convince him of our plans.
  10. ZippyNW


    Yes. Of course better would be better. I would like, at least, Thursday night footy to give the young squad European experience but a target of 3 years to start winning cups again would be acceptable.
  11. ZippyNW


    Bring back all the young players and use them along with any of our top players who want to stay. I am not that bothered about the manager, as long as he is clearly given 3 years to develop a team and start winning trophies again. We will not be in the same position as City etc., able to pay the 80-130 million transfers. So lets take the raw talent and build a team. I would love it if we could go in and get Mpappe for instance but it is not going to happen. I started going in 1967 and the changes in football I have seen since Gullit came, then JLV (apart from 2-0 away at Bradford) etc.... and then the trophies/titles we have won.... we've had a terrific time! I would not complain at all if we had a couple of quiet seasons as long as there was a plan........and it got easier for me to buy tickets with my few points.
  12. ZippyNW

    Alvaro Morata

    Just seen that PSG have a 180 million option on Mbappe so we will not be able to match that....or come near.
  13. ZippyNW

    Luis Enrique?

    Who of the big names would really want to come to manage CFC with the current squad? They would have to demand a clear out prior to, or early part of, the summer and have guarantees of who they could buy. Unless something changes, we cannot compete against the buying power of Citeh and United. Even Liverpool must have a decent pot to spend in the summer.
  14. ZippyNW

    Alvaro Morata

    IF PSG come in for Morata (who looks like another Torres to me), maybe insist on Mbappe or Cavani. There are stories of Cavani wanting out.
  15. Bakayoko has had a few crap games. Not just 30 minutes. I hope he does not get picked again. Getting rid of Matic and Costa and bringing in Bakayoko, Zapacosta and Rudiger. And a forward who plays like Torres. Not good business. Conte wants to go. It would be a bonus for him if he gets sacked with a payout. It is cheaper to change manager than get new players but that is what is needed. A clear out and give the manager Conte a chance to build a team.