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  1. Looks like he's playing to be sacked. The team should have stepped it up after 1 minute, not 80.
  2. I find the play in the last third disappointing. Higuain was running into spaces and shouting for the ball but we preferred to play back or wide. Higuain went mad at one point. If we sre playing a centre forward then use him or put Giroud on from the start if Higuain isn't up to it. Sometimes a long ball, cross into the box or even, god forbid, a shot would be nice to see. Some bleeding inventiveness. Thanks to those involved for the tickets, though.
  3. Any idea which pub today? The Arkle is not for cfc today.
  4. It was sh*te. But many thanks to the lads in The Piccadilly for sorting me out with a ticket. I had fun (until the goals mounted up).
  5. They lost the chance letting JM go. He should have been made the assistant with a brief of playing the youth and a 3 year target. I know these days a long term goal is not ever given but we had the chance with youth who had won everything for club and country. There was debate here about whether we would be happy not winning things for while but at least, with a firm goal in sight, we would know the plan.
  6. Interesting. Among my small group, we have not been at all impressed with him. Until now, my opinion has been he has been one of the weaknesses in Sarri's system and has only been played as he is one of Sarri's favourites. Is he generally like then? Maybe I need to watch him more carefully.
  7. Kante where Jorginho is and Pedro where Kante is? Not keen on Jorginho at all.
  8. I noticed City's ground was quieter over and just after Xmas. A lot of fans have to make choice where to spend their money. My Mrs is City season ticket holder and cannot afford to pay extra for the various cup games. I suppose there are many CFC fans in the same boat but it is a smaller stadium - or maybe just more loyal supporters :-)
  9. As my wife will be in the home end on her season ticket, I hope for a Chelsea win even more: a silent car journey home and 3 days in the spare room in peace and quiet! (On the other hand, a happy wife and scousers not winning win the league does have a lot to appreciate too.) ps. 1 or 2 tickets for away end would be greatly appreciated. :)
  10. Any chance of a contract? I am paying to keep fit at the moment. And I would be cheaper.
  11. It was my pc first which had problems. My antimalware things came up warning of Trojans. The software seemed to deal with it so I continued. I then tried on my mobile and it refused to load with warnings. Afterwards , I ran 4 antimalware programmes to clean my pc in case but they all came up with nothing. It has worked fine for 2 days now.
  12. Even my phone gets through this morning. It shows someone is working hard behind the scenes.
  13. Good morning, One for the moderators: My anti-malware software went potty yesterday warning of trojans when I tried go on this site. Also my mobile refuses to load it, issuing warnings. I am using a VPN now (no idea if that makes it safer - beyond my pay grade). Just in case something needs doing! Zippy
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