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  1. It is back to boring fooball. I know keeping the opposition to 0 is good but there seemed no urgency, or even interest, in getting a goal until 80 minutes again. (Why play the ball forwards when we can go sideways or back?) Even the substitutions were boring, like for like. Why not two up front to try to create something?
  2. Tell me I wasn't the only one yelling "Pass the ball you ******" just before Barkley scored.
  3. Oh well. Hopefully, we get Leipzig after we beat Bayern.
  4. I've never been to Leipzig but then again i never have enough points for anything these days.
  5. Well said. My worry is that a legend will get sacked after 3 months if results are not top form - that would be awful. I do hope there are more like you who will support Lampard through a couple of rebuilding seasons with Morris guiding the youth through. A 3 year plan to be challenging for the top titles by the end would work for me. Target next season: maybe get through the CL group stage and finish 6th in PL. If the spirit and work is there, I will enjoy the days out whatever.
  6. I've had this Evening Standard since my dad brought it home in April 1970. Now framed and on my wall.
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