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  1. Can't score a goal yet our transfer targets are both midfielders. Get a striker in. Swap morata plus cash for someone.
  2. Jorginho needs to be dropped. Get kante and kova in midfield.
  3. We probably won't cross it now that giroud has come on
  4. Giroud must be injured still. Thats all I can think why he isnt coming on
  5. What does jorginho actually do. A nice pass here and there aint going to cut it.
  6. get giroud up top and let him throw his weight around. We can't whip in a cross with those small guys up there
  7. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11675/11601271/mauricio-pochettino-wants-tottenham-to-show-their-naughty-side
  8. Hazard will go next season when he to will only have a year left on his deal. Im just happy we have him for one more season as he will be key for us.
  9. The club had no choice but to sell him. He had 1 year left and we would have got sweet FA next season. 38m plus kovacic on loan is a excellent deal for the club. I hate when players refuse to train though, its disgusting but these footballers will do what they can to force a move.
  10. If they have then we would be stupid not to deal with them 35m plus this guy on loan for a season is good business. coutois is refusing to train, just get rid of the guy
  11. Of course he said that, who else in their right mind would pay this joker over 100k a week like we have done. Prob going to have to pay him off to get rid.
  12. Glad we steered clear. IMO he would struggle in the PL. Don't want another costly mistake on our hands.
  13. Glad he isnt coming. He suits the italian game and I dont want us wasting big money on this guy for a short term fix. turns 31 this year, lets be honest how many season would we get for 40m ( not including wages) if we had got him.
  14. Should have seen this transfer coming tbh. He may have been good under this coach at napoli but jesus that was ages ago. He has piled on the pounds is to old. Morata needs one more season. If he can sort his feet out he would be a decent f**king striker.
  15. Why are we wasting our time and money going for this guy. He is 30 years old ffs and not that good anymore. Morata needs one more season.
  16. Yeah must suck that you have to play 2 games in 3 days.
  17. Who is buying the players at chelsea? If it isnt conte then how can he work with players he doesnt want. He should leave if he gets no input as all next season he will be moaning again.
  18. We all know he's brazilian really.
  19. He has been useless this season. Some players just can't cut it in the PL and he may be one of them. Part of me wants to give him another season if we were to get rid of conte but then another doesnt want to go in to a new season with morata and giroud as our strikers.

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