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  1. What does sarri say at HT for us to always collapse. Unlucky hazard, should have scored.
  2. Why would I feel sorry for cardiff. Blame the chairman who voted against VAR this season
  3. He has a don't give a sh*t attitude. It makes me angry because he has no fear of being sacked as he will get a hefty pay off. His player jorgino is struggling with the pace of the PL. I bet milan are laughing as they got a young hungry GS and we got a guy just collecting his last pay checks before he calls it a day.
  4. We are in a world of sh*t if this 2 window ban holds up and we lose hazard.
  5. Haven't played well and they would be a bit better because of the new manager but we really should have killed them off. Just need to calm down and see out the win
  6. Would kepa have been told before hand that if it was close to pens he would be subbed. Sari saved a sub for that reason. David luiz was to soft with him,
  7. What makes it worse is we played well today and kepa has ruined it.
  8. I don't want sarri in charge for man city and spurs. Both clubs are in red hot form
  9. Man city are going to run riot again this weekend,.
  10. Sarri won't ever change his style, his subs are laughable. He wants to be sacked so he can retreat with a nice pay packet to italy.
  11. Sarri needs to go. He loyalty in jorginho is hurting us.
  12. Playing gotze up front isn't working. He offers nothing and the spurs defenders are having an easy time. Surely they have a striker on the bench
  13. Sarri wants that big payoff and return to Italy. His style off football is better suited there
  14. A few players need to pack their bags. Good clear out in the summer. CHO insistence on leaving us is a shame though
  15. If sarri is so hell bent on getting players from his time at napoli then he should get koulibaly to replace luiz.
  16. Please tell me what 50m jorginho offers. I thought we were going to be signing a modric type player but this guy is mediocre and can only score pens
  17. Abramovich should stop hiring italian managers. The football is dreadful.
  18. Wilson isn't a prolific GS. He always gets injured as well, no way should the club be paying 50m for a striker who hasn't scored over 9 league goals in the PL. He's had one good scoring season Icardi would be my choice and maybe a morata plus cash swap deal. Its annoying me also that sarri wants huiguian.
  19. How is it this VAR expensive system has such a sh*te angle yet the chelsea one has it clear as day offside. Embarrassing.

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