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  1. Needs to be sacked before the cup semi. He has given up and to say " we're having the season we deserve" is f**king criminal. Get rid.
  2. Our squad is more than good enough for top 4. Get moses and alonso out and emerson and zappa in. Or bring back luiz or cahill and put azpili at LB to add more of a defensive presence plus he can attack.. If 3 cbs cant defend even with kante in front of them then they're not good enough. The only position in the first 11 I cant decide who I want there is CM next to kante. Hazard and willian on the wings with giroud or morata up front.
  3. I know luiz is out of favour but I would bring him back in and play azpilicueta at full back again. he can defend and he can get forward.
  4. So reports are now he is a whinger and getting on his team mates nerves in the dressing room. Morata's 'glass half empty' attitude is one of the reasons his performances have dropped of late.
  5. Of course he is saying hes going to honour his contract. If he walks away he gets nothing, if hes fired then he gets all his money.
  6. Its time for him to go tbh. When we won the league we pretty much had a whole weeks rest every week so were able to keep the players fresh and use them each week plus we had costa and matic. This season was a big test for conte and he has failed us. The signings have been piss poor , the text to costa to tell him to do one and the selling of matic to utd.
  7. Im sorry but conte has created this mess himself. It all started with the way he handled costa. Then he continues to play bakayoko all season even though he struggling with the pace of the premier league. Last night was a chance for him to be positive with his formation but once again he plays bakayoko instead of fabregas, a genuine playmaker you need pulling strings in midfield. There was no excuse not to start giroud, he is fit and could have played. IMO he has lost parts of the dressing room or all of it. I believe he wants out and he is waiting to be sacked for his pay off.

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