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  1. No midfielders on the bench, what a disaster. We can just hope in the best performance of the season for Barkley and Kovacic
  2. With the ball he is also better than Ronaldo, the difference is off the ball.
  3. Width is not the main problem, but depth. Of course if Hazard plays as AMC the pitch looks like less widht than it is.
  4. 4-2-3-1 didn't solved any problem. The problem is making right moviments in right time as a team. This is the hugest difference beetween previous Sarri's teams and Chelsea. Premier League is not the reason, I saw the same problem in Europe League this season.
  5. Is there any chance to have one transfer window before ban? I think the biggest problem is midfielders, I don't think Masoun Mount can replace Kovacic, especially because he seems to be another offensive midfielders and Ampadu is not able to play in Jorginho's role. Of course, there will be another huge problem if Higuain goes away. Honestly, I think it's impossibile Hazard could leave without the possibility to replace him. Maybe CHO, but I hope he will stay.
  6. I think that the most important problem is what players do off the ball rather than with. I can't say anything to Hazard when he has the ball, but in this system he moves off the ball like a child, always going to the ball to recevie on his feet, no matter the position of the ball and his teammates.
  7. We can't stay only with Pedro, Hazard and Willian as wingers. Is it for June or is there a possibilty to call Pulisic sooner?
  8. It depends on what you mean for 1 dimensional. He will always try to dominate possession and to play in the opposite half, this will never change for him and, at now, this is the problem with these players who could do better playing lower on the pitch.
  9. Lackness of a finisher isn't the only problem. You need a set of players to fit this system, otherwise you didn't sign Sarri, but another manager. Sarri with different way of football isn't Sarri.
  10. According to Marca, Higuain is going to come.
  11. Coppa Italia was stolen by Mafientus in the season 2016-17 as usual.
  12. Fekir false 9? He has already done it. Anyway, it’s so close to the end of the session.
  13. I’m sorry for Alisson going to Liverpool. I think he was the best replacement for Courtois.
  14. No, he said exactly same words in Napoli. He doesn’t like transfer market, he’s really a pitch coach.
  15. Sarri is a genius, language couldn't be a problem. Can I see training of the team anywhere?
  16. With Alisson, Rugani, Golovin and Higuain: Alisson (Caballero) - Azpi (Zappacosta) Rugani (Cahill) Rudiger (Christensen) Emerson (Alonso) - Kante (Drinkwater) Jorginho (Fabregas) Golovin (Loftus-Cheek) - Pedro (Moses) Higuain (Batshuayi) Hazard (Willian) There would be a lot of central defenders (Luiz and Zouma, too), I think that someone should go. At the beginning, Rugani will be part of line up surely. Fabregas could play as CM too. If Chelsea signs Higuain, Morata will go away and I think that mr Sarri prefers Batshuayi to Giroud. With Hazard out, you could sign two young wingers, like Guedes, Lozano, Bailey.
  17. I've already told you: he's a coach, not a manager.
  18. That's a good point, but he will try to change style from the beginning, although there will be some problems, because Conte's tactics is a lot different. If Chelsea signs 3-4 important players who have already played with him it could be easier.
  19. Don't believe Italian media, Sarri isn't absolutely pure entertaining. First unofficial match?
  20. No. The fact that Sarri almost won at Napoli is miracle. You can't understand how much Juve is mafia and De Laurentiis is son of a bitch.
  21. I'm so excited. Guys, could you tell me which are main unofficial websites where I can get news?
  22. It’s happening! It’s a transmigration for me, I’m almost crying.
  23. Kante (or substitute), Drinkwater, Jorginho, Golovin, Fabregas and Loftus-Cheek could be six midfielders.
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