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  1. I rarely venture out of Sandbanks to be honest but I know the town centre is under regeneration. Any way, I didn’t come here for a dick swinging competition, I’ve been very complimentary of CFC in my posts. We may be a “little” tin pot club in many peoples eyes but we have a big heart and big ambitions. Our new stadium will be started soon and hopefully that will bring more fans. It won’t be anywhere near the size of yours....but your Russian is richer than ours! :p
  2. Bournemouth is hardly a hovel, yeah our ground is small but at least you can see the game and hear the atmosphere. How many of the 12 attempts have been since we were in the premiership?? Here’s something for you to think about Yorkley. ......
  3. I think this game will be won or lost by the midfielders.
  4. Possibly, I don’t think any of us think we will turn you over 3-0 again, however, we do have the strongest side we have ever fielded, but we have a goal-shy Wilson, and injured Stanislas and a Defoe that doesn’t quite fit our style of play unfortunately.. your guys seem to be a lot more confident and rehearsed so even if we manage to put a sneaky one in the net I doubt you’ll loose composure and have a wobble... As I said before, I don’t give a monkeys who wins, as long as football is the winner... both side are gonna play for the 3 points so game on!!!
  5. Yeah, thanks for Ake!!.. one of our better signings!. Our £25m purchase from the Colombian National team got a run out along with Rico against MKDons and both look very handy. Fraser was terrorising everyone as per norm but this was against a weak team so can’t read too much. With the good start we have had and with the pressure not so high on us I’d expect we will push up field from kick off, but until I see the team selection I have no idea how we will approach this game.. In Eddie we trust.
  6. Cheers dude, we might be opposition, but we share the love of decent football! Hopefully we can bring some to your place!
  7. It’s also a good away match for many other sides, especially in the summer, many of the travelling fans make a weekend of it and dump their other halves at the beach. To answer your question very few people can cope with Hazard to be fair.. once he has the ball and a bit of space there is little we can do. I think Fraser and Brooks might give you something to think about but again it’s all down to form and mental attitude on the day. Wilson is playing well but not clinical on his shots like before his injury. As for my prediction, I’d take a point now but I think it will be 2-1 to you boys
  8. Really looking forward to this game. We have a heap of respect for you guys, but I can promise we won’t park the bus and it will be an entertaining game to watch! i wouldn’t like to call it though as we have a habit of coming back from one or two goals down. Our guys will be flat out till the final whistle. Either way, as long as we put in a good shift I’m not too bothered about the score :)

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