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  1. Dont get why he was played on the left side in his debut, just play him in his natural position like yesterday ffs
  2. Lets have some sympathy at least for the human being. Dude is alone out there
  3. team definately plays worse without him. to all the stat nerds who don~t understand build up play
  4. he put a bigger defensive shift than our full backs, dont know what u watched
  5. Awful preparation for a back 5 defense by Lampard.
  6. Why? They have about the same end product at chelsea but Pedro is basically just a vertical player, so his whole game is end product, while Willian is 100 times better at building the play up and shifting it from side to side and defending
  7. Hello guys. New user If Jorginho is sold, it certainly is not for Juve. They just bought Arthur for that position.
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