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  1. "I think he has the right name, it's proper English soundin' and I am a massive racist"
  2. Christensen is abysmal. I would like to have a core of English players within the team and Tomori fit that bill. Saying that, I wouldn't mind if Tomori, Rudiger and Zouma were sent off to a camp somewhere to work on their abilities.
  3. Regret reading page 1 of this thread and having to see the disgusting comments made by dkw, but nothing surprising there. I'm glad it has gotten back on track. I have deep admiration of everything Marina has done for the club thus far and she is certainly held to a far higher regard than Emenalo ever was. Let's hope her good work continues and we keep reaping the benefits of what the transfer market offers us.
  4. This signing would be made a lot better if we traded in Abraham to cut down on the price. Granted, Abraham isn't worth much and I wouldn't want him at my club if I were Leicester, but he should be able to get a few bob knocked off the price.
  5. Can't believe we are wasting our money on Chilwell. He ticks all the right boxes for me in that he's the right kind of English player, but the amount of money being spent on him is a joke. Reguilon is a far better bet for us, as is Tagliafico.
  6. Please can we get Reguilon over Chilwell. I'm all for a real English player to join CFC, but don't think he is as good as Reguilon or Tagliafico. Far better and cheaper options out there.
  7. Glad we signed a real English talent, but I do agree with some of the other sentiments above regarding price. If the final figure turns out to be £50m then I think it is around £20m too much. Granted, I know there is an added cost for any player in the PL + English, but I would also have preferred Reguilon. Hopefully Chilwell does well and proves me wrong.
  8. I'd pay up to £50m for him. Class player and so much better than anyone else we currently have in defence, except for Azpi. Proper English player.
  9. Good list. Kante and Abraham would certainly generate a decent amount of funds for us to help reinforce the defensive line and bring in a new GK. I would be absolutely gutted to see Kante leave however. On par with Essien. Loftus-Cheek would be another good sell option but he would be good to feature for the occasional cup game.
  10. He tried to touch me but got caught offside before he could do anything.
  11. Classic no argument response. All better than Abraham. I'd have a coked up Mutu over Abraham anyday.
  12. Why would saying something positive about (still) a Chelsea player make me an Arsenal fan? Been supporting since '94, and I've never seen a striker worse than Abraham.
  13. Why is it ridiculous? Granted, he has scored a number of goals for us this season, but most of these were against sub-par Championship level sides and only because our other options were also terrible (aside from Giroud who should have been playing for us 24/7). Abraham should go out on loan somewhere and then we should sell him when his price goes up. Let Giroud and Werner lead the line next season. Abraham complains about absolutely everything, gets offside more times than the PM lies, can't pass and has horrendous movement. He is woefully inept as a football player and could do with scrubbing the boots of better players like Azpi.
  14. I will miss him. Willian is class and he will definitely improve Arsenal. There were a substantial amount of players that needed booting out before Willian. Abraham is ripe for getting rid of. Abysmal.
  15. Big fan of Dunk. Another proper English talent and scores ahead of anyone else we have in defence bar Azpi. Not exactly the first name that comes to mind when trying to recruit new defenders, but I would honestly take a paraplegic over the current ones.
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