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  1. Good list. Kante and Abraham would certainly generate a decent amount of funds for us to help reinforce the defensive line and bring in a new GK. I would be absolutely gutted to see Kante leave however. On par with Essien. Loftus-Cheek would be another good sell option but he would be good to feature for the occasional cup game.
  2. He tried to touch me but got caught offside before he could do anything.
  3. Classic no argument response. All better than Abraham. I'd have a coked up Mutu over Abraham anyday.
  4. Why would saying something positive about (still) a Chelsea player make me an Arsenal fan? Been supporting since '94, and I've never seen a striker worse than Abraham.
  5. Why is it ridiculous? Granted, he has scored a number of goals for us this season, but most of these were against sub-par Championship level sides and only because our other options were also terrible (aside from Giroud who should have been playing for us 24/7). Abraham should go out on loan somewhere and then we should sell him when his price goes up. Let Giroud and Werner lead the line next season. Abraham complains about absolutely everything, gets offside more times than the PM lies, can't pass and has horrendous movement. He is woefully inept as a football player and could do with scrubbing the boots of better players like Azpi.
  6. I will miss him. Willian is class and he will definitely improve Arsenal. There were a substantial amount of players that needed booting out before Willian. Abraham is ripe for getting rid of. Abysmal.
  7. Big fan of Dunk. Another proper English talent and scores ahead of anyone else we have in defence bar Azpi. Not exactly the first name that comes to mind when trying to recruit new defenders, but I would honestly take a paraplegic over the current ones.
  8. Do not want him any longer. He is a fantastic player for sure, and he will improve any side he joins, but seeing as we already purchased Ziyech, Werner and imminently Havertz it would be massively wasted funds that should be prioritised on defensive needs.
  9. Is this really the breast we can do?
  10. I agree. I think Frank certainly has done fairly well with the resources he has had available this season, although I will say that us finishing 4th was as much to do with everyone else conspiring to throw it away than it was to do with his management. Regardless, whilst I think he has performed very well, he definitely needs to learn how to organise a defence. Whatever that is at the back at the moment, I don't know. I haven't seen a defence that bad, well, since before I started supporting in '94.
  11. Gutted for Christian. He has certainly been the star player since the restart and it was unfortunate today. Hopefully it'll be a swift return and a not too serious injury. That potential forward line of Werner, Ziyech, Havertz and Pulisic is enough to make anyone moist.
  12. I agree with that line-up. The fixture is done for. We all know it and so does Frank. Onwards and upwards for next season. Play the kids.
  13. It is genius. None of them deserve to remain at the club. It wasn't like it was an isolated bad performance today. They have been the very definition of w**k all season. Cut them loose. I'd rather have reserves and youngsters with actual fight and spirit take their place. I'd even sacrifice the signing of Havertz in order to have money available to replace them. That's just the start too. Abraham needs to go. Has any player complained as much as he has at being the architect of his own downfall? He can't; pass, shoot, score. He is great at; being offside, crying at others whilst being useless. He isn't fit enough to be a polyp on Giroud's bottom region.
  14. Abysmal defending. Need serious, serious reinforcements at the back for next season. Rudiger, Zouma, James and Christensen OUT. Azpi is a warrior. It was all over his face what this meant to him. There's no steel left in that defence other than him. Alonso couldn't buy a right foot even with a Euromillions win. Another one that needs culling.
  15. Definitely need to make some changes and be very wary that Kovacic is on a yellow. Feels like we are playing too deep. Go 4 at the back to contain Pepe, Auba and Laca and then push forward hard.

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