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  1. Our stupid german commentator here in Sky Germany is celebrating the yellow card for a Norwich player. "Finally they show some fighting spirit!" Somehow i want to kick those pundits against their leg as well when they say such a b*s*it
  2. The most surprising fact of the game was that Anthony Taylor had a good game.
  3. Maybe we will see a change of system. There are only three (central) defenders left, so the change from 3-4-3 to 4-2-3-1 is forced if something happens to one of the three defenders during the game anyways. So why not change the system from the beginning ? There are Kante, Jorginho, Kovacic, RLC, Saul AND Barkley for only 2 spots in the midfield in the 3-4-3. With a 4-2-3-1 you can use 3 midfielders of the six midfielders in the line-up. Will be interesting to see if Tuchel has similar thoughts.
  4. The diamond formation is one of the worst formations in modern football IMHO. If the opponent is attacking over the wings then your wingback has often to defend alone against two attackers. Especially with Alonso as left wingback this would be a suicidal tactic. I dont like the diamond at all because the two wingbacks are too vulnerable in the defense. At the same time the wingbacks have an extreme high workload because they have to support in the offense as well. For instance, a player like CHO would not fit at all into this diamond formation.
  5. Please dont forget that Barkley played the great cross before the winning goal.
  6. Mourinho to the rescue, please.
  7. Giroud and Abraham have now left the team. So I dont see a big issue here for Tuchel. It is easier for him than last season.
  8. Well. The player will take the bonus for that and will be happy in the next time when he will probably sit on the bench while watching Alonso and Chilwell on the pitch.
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