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  1. Mourinho to the rescue, please.
  2. Giroud and Abraham have now left the team. So I dont see a big issue here for Tuchel. It is easier for him than last season.
  3. Well. The player will take the bonus for that and will be happy in the next time when he will probably sit on the bench while watching Alonso and Chilwell on the pitch.
  4. Maybe Tuchel's way to say sorry to Tammy because of his treatment last season. Thomas Tuchel was saying this week that maybe he was wrong by not supporting Abraham like he did with other players in the squad.
  5. I disagree. Lukaku would never score 40 goals in the Bundesliga like Lewandowski did. Lewandowski is probably the best striker in the world right now and Haaland is very close to him. Dont forget that Lewandowski had Leroy Sané, Gnabry, Coman and Müller who assisted him to score this incredible 41 goals in one season. Even if Lukaku would play for Bayern he would not score 40 goals because he is simply not as good as Lewandowski. From what I have seen in Bundesliga Haaland is almost as good as Lewandowski and he is better than Lukaku IMHO. Dont forget how young Haaland is and how much potential he still has compared to a 28 years old striker like Lukaku. Dont take me wrong: Lukaku is a very good striker but not in the same class like Lewandowski and Haaland.
  6. I dont understand this offer of 100m euros and Marcos Alonso for Lukaku. He is a good striker but not in the same league like Haaland or Lewandowski (TOP shelf quality). So Haaland OR Lewandowski should be the transfer targets IMHO.
  7. 55 m should be the limit.
  8. This is ridiculous that Sevilla wants 80m Euros now for Kounde. He is a CB and not Lukaku or Haaland. Chelsea should stop negotations.
  9. £102m for an almost 30 years old striker is a lot. Lewandowski ist just 32 years old. So my plan B would be Lewandowski and not Lukaku.
  10. I think this is true. Bild, which is a very bad and ugly newspaper besides football, has very good contacts to the management of Bayern and they are very reliable with news about Bayern. So CFC will be in contact with Haaland AND Lewandowski. Haaland has a release clause for next year in his contract around 75 MIo Euros and Lewandowski has a contract with Bayern until 2023. Bayern will be in contact with both strikers as well for sure. I think the probability of a Lewandowski AND Haaland transfer next season is very high. But this year I dont think the transfers will happen because Haaland has no release clause this year and Bayern could not replace Lewandowski. Next year Bayern will try to convince Haaland to replace Lewandowski.
  11. https://www.tribalfootball.com/articles/chelsea-turn-to-stuttgart-striker-sasa-kalajdzic-4378730 Chelsea are eyeing VfB Stuttgart striker Sasa Kalajdzic. The Athletic says the striker, standing at six foot seven inches, is a name that's on Thomas Tuchel's radar after an impressive Euro 2020 competition for Austria. Stuttgart, who haven't been approached by Chelsea yet, have fielded enquiries from Premier League clubs since the end of last season. Tottenham and West Ham United are keen. Kalajdzic is a very talented striker but is he really an improvement over Tammy Abraham ? According to what I have seen in the Bundesliga he is the most talented striker in Germany after Lewandowski and Haaland. But IMHO it would be very unclear if he would have such an impact in the Premier League like he had last year in the Bundesliga.
  12. TT does not like strikers who are not working together with the team to recover the ball. You could see this while TT was in Paris and he benched Icardi during the whole CL final in Lissabon. Instead he preferred Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting. And during the season in France he benched Icardi and Moise Kean played a lot of matches instead of Icardi. Icardi is the type of striker who is really disliked by TT: lazy in pressing situations, only waiting that others assist him in front of the goal and then he scores. So the main key to convince TT is to work hard in those pressing situations against the ball. I think this was TT's explanation as well why he was replacing CHO after he brought him in as a substitute. The solution for Tammy Abraham is really simple: Work hard in training. Especially in these situations when you try to recover the ball. Basically I dont see such a big difference between Abraham and Moise Kean in front of the goal but Tammy must improve his work rate in the defense. Then TT will rate him higher.
  13. I dont think that Abramovich is expecting to win the PL title next year without spending a lot on new players. This would be completely unrealistic if you look at the other opponents who probably spend a lot on Jadon Sancho (United) or Harry Kane (City).
  14. I dont think as well that the system is the problem or most important question. More interesting is to get a striker who scores goals which will allow the team to sit back with a comfortable lead and manage their resources. We could see in the last games that the team was simply tired but this is not a big surprise if you have to fight in every game until the 90th minute. I think only the Crystal Palace match was an easy one and in the next season they will need more of these easy wins if they want to make progress.
  15. Are you now disappointed or a little bit pleased ?
  16. The shoes have been a present from Nasser al-Khalifi, president of PSG. Tuchel was wearing the shoes during the victories against Bergamo and RB Leipzig. PSG won both matches and reached the final. Against Bayern Tuchel did not wear those shoes and lost. So his staff told him to wear the shoes now.
  17. Ok. But it was only 1-0 and City almost equalized. I think tomorrow we should think about it again to sack this guy.
  18. But he lost against Leicester the FA cup and only the Spurs helped him to reach the top 4. If I would be in the board I would not forget this.
  19. If I would be in the board I would sack him now. What a boring sh*t football.
  20. Exactly. The three centerbacks and the two defensive midfielders of Tuchel are good against pressing. So Pep is trying to attack and use pressing especially against Jorginho and Kante. The disadvantage is that City will be vulnerable against counter attacks.
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