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  1. Wonder when we'll be in for this young lad. https://onefootball.com/en/news/florent-maloudas-son-will-join-rennes-at-the-end-of-the-season-28480925?variable=20200126&amp=true
  2. I am well aware the club were in a financial mess. As far as I was aware Ken didnt take on any of the debt himself, it was all in the clubs name. which is why there was that feud between Harding and him and the direction of the club. Does he still own his flat at the ground?
  3. No idea what the above means, as for farming vertical and urban is here and already feeding us. Mears and co before my time mate. Was In primary school in Chelsea when we got promoted, all the kids on the playground wanted to be Kerry Dixon... To be clear. Bates did save the ground, but in trying to profit from the club, he nearly put us in bankruptcy until the Russian mafia bought us. It's been quite a ride since then.
  4. Donny. He's a panto villain imo. Personally cant stand him given what he said after Harding's death, was in earshot of it to. He did take on debts, but he did profit from the club without investing much of his own wealth into it, and if it wasn't for the Russian, we'd have probably gone the way of todays team Leeds and into administration like them who had also taken a Eurobond loan or whatever it was called. we do have the CPO, we do have the club, he is credited with keeping us alive, but dont mean I have to like him or what he stands for. But then all decent business people are ruthless sh
  5. Sadly, we have no creativity in midfield unless its Kante, Mount and Havertz. Thats the best "three" imo 300 million pounds worth of attacking talent today on that pitch who have signed for the club against a squad who cost 60.... Bad day at the office.
  6. sigh... that makes it really difficult for top four with our scoring record. Bit of a poisoned chalice to be asking to support either West Ham or United... neither... going to ignore the game. Can I admit I got really excited yesterday about reading sarri might be going to Napoli and is interested in taking Jorginho with him?
  7. Man sold his herd of cows just before mad cow disease struck UK. Lucky Bar steward him.. and is generally a fairly despicable character as the guy giving the two finger salute will probably attest to. Ken bates, tax exile, nasty piece of work former Leeds chairman. wonder if he'll be watching from Monaco. 1223227841_kenbatesfingersalute.pdf
  8. Brave mate, brave brave pick that one... TBH, he had a really decent season first time around. Were you quoting creeping death by Metallica? 🤘
  9. Argo, How? because of the number of group games played? I'm not going to call tonight. Reckon they'll be seriously improved. Be interesting to see what happens if they go ahead and how we react. Fingers crossed for an early goal for us.
  10. Is the Italian league as competitive as the EPL? Not really, Zlatan still looks world class and leaves defenders for dead with pace. Would like to keep him around and a defender with pace is always useful but I reckon there'll be a cull this year with some youth teamers.
  11. couldn't find a link to capital gold commentary but did find this. enjoy peps. https://cultofcalcio.com/on-her-majestys-service-the-desperate-demise-of-samuele-dalla-bona/
  12. Get help... when you troll someone online, its usually because you got things going wrong in your own life and are looking at a way to lash out. Ive used the number I gave you myself, so its from experience. your obsession is not healthy. One of the moderators has kindly sent me a link to ignore you and the other posters im going to use that, and notice, that Ive not insulted you at any point or in any post. the contrary, ive wished you and others who have targeted me well. Why? You're a blues brother, im not fighting...
  13. Backbiter. That Spencer goal is in that compilation. I remember listening to Capital gold back in the day and I think it was Jonathon pierce providing the commentary. Who probably exploded internally when the wee man was through. Wonder if there is a link somewhere of that. Will have a look.
  14. How on earth have I threatened violence? I dont want to engage with you here, so why would I want to meet you in a pub. I tell you whats actually quite frightening, its the fact that you have convinced yourself that you know who I am and that Ive posted here before. Which is simply divorced from reality. And as for the petit name calling, sticks and stones. Grow up, move on and get help or talk to someone about your issues. Have a good day.
  15. you clearly missed the post about Wee Jonny Spencer hitting two against pool... Anyhow.. Is everything alright with you? Do you need to talk to someone? Are you lonely? These guys can help you: https://www.samaritans.org/how-we-can-help/contact-samaritan/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIq_TX1eql7wIVSQIGAB1aDgzxEAAYASAAEgImU_D_BwE What you think about me is actually a reflection of you. As such I do not care, keep insulting me if it makes you and your cyber chums feel better. But I find this argument childish and im not going to entertain you or them any more. I hope we never bump into each other at the
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