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  1. Yep Torres has nothing to do with being picked ahead of them. He has never made any comments about playing him or otherwise he would be devastated and become "one of those players". His agents haven't been paddling dropping Drogba and playing different tactics while the Drogs was still around.
  2. Torres is still here and Sturridge and Lukaku are both gone without getting 1/10 of a chance - what a frustrating situation.
  3. Kaka was never first choice at Real though - they hardly tried to make it work as much as we did
  4. Nope we need Arsen to get the best out of Cesc
  5. Football fans a fickle, if Cesc cements himself in central midfield and provides that additional spark of creativity we have lacked since Lamps started aging - all will be forgotten in a matter of months. Player's aren't supposed to be experts at PR, so I don't usually follow what they say to the media too closely.
  6. He was referring to Sturridge and Lukaku - I asked how Torres would react if he was treated like them and the tables were turned. Playing 2.238 minutes this season mostly in his preferred position - is certainly not the same situation as Lukaku or Sturridge found themselves in. Sure you can point to Munich and I will say that's not the most apt thing you can choose to turn our attention to, since you can read up his interview after we won the CL. It certainly was Lukaku level media ranting
  7. The original question was if he was in Lukaku or Sturridge's shoes how he would react - the situation you described is nothing like Sturridge or Lukaku's situation while they were at the club. Please provide us with a list of matches he has played out of position last season. Basically all Sturridge appearances under AVB/RdM with the exception of Blackburn were from the wing. While the Blackburn match was the only one Lukaku started that year.
  8. Wait how is that comparable to Sturridge being played out of position and Lukaku not playing at all. Torres plays regularly every season in his prefered position. He didn't play every match this season but overall he has far more minutes than Demba Ba and is probably about on par with Eto'o. When he does play he usually a starter and playing in his preferred position. Sturridge and Lukaku probably have no more than 5 full matches combined leading the line at CFC.
  9. I like it - you have my vote
  10. Fabretic? Fabtic? Matgas? Nemesc? Cenja?
  11. This is the most unexpected transfer of the summer for me; hope it works out and he remembers how to play in central midfield. MatiCesc sounds amazing
  12. If the tables were turned - Torres was watching Lukaku or Sturridge from the sidelines or playing out of position, how do you think he would react?
  13. The original point I was arguing about was the finger he had in in-directly being responsible for RdM's sacking. If he wasn't as bad on the field or if we had the nous to get a proper striker playing ahead of him RdM would not have been sacked at that point. Torres demanded to be first choice after the CL Triumph and the board and owner were happy to do it. That crippled us in the League where a striker in form is the difference between challenging for honors in the League and struggling to meet expectations. I never claimed he was solely to blame at any point during this argument. But there are plenty of people putting words in my mouth and insulting RdM - who at the very least deserved to see the season out instead of being replaced by a Fat Spanish Waiter. Who surprise surprise was the only manger under which Torres has been prolific at club level. I guess that's another coincidence and had nothing to do with Torres
  14. So Romans Fernando romance had nothing to do with RdM's squad being handicapped by an awful striker
  15. We are not talking about the appointment - we are talking about the sacking. Which was in the works after RdM got no backing in the transfer market and had two strikers he obviously didn't rate too highly as his only options. Part of RdM's job was obviously making Torres regain his form. This is very obvious judging by RdM's own comments of watching hours of footage of Torres goals at Liverpool something he didn't do for Sturridge for example examining his goals at CFC/City/Bolton. If it wasn't we might have actually tried to sign a striker that summer after our CL victory. FSW was obviously hired due to two factors - final throw of the dice to get Torres scoring and only high profile interim manager available at the time. If there wasn't as much history behind FSW/Torres link up I doubt he would have been the manager we hired. Thats my opinion on the matter, if you think we would have appointed FSW as intermix manager if the board wasn't desperate to do everything possible to get some return on their massive Torres blunder. Your posts are bloody cancer as usual - keep it up.
  16. What you failed to accept is that Torres in-directly was a factor in RdM's sacking and FSW's appointment - which was cfcblue's original point.
  17. He is a Chelsea Legend unlike your golden boy who will go down as the biggest flop in British football.
  18. Pogba or Cesc would be brilliant as Lampard replacements
  19. http://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/en/fernando-torres/leistungsdaten-verein/spieler_7767.html
  20. It's harsh but hardly surprising for anyone who knows Jose Usually players grow to love the man, because he instills team spirit - he felt Eden could do more defensively. I personally felt it was a risk to play Eden from the start against Madrid and it didn't work out but if he hadn't played and we ended up losing it would also been a mistake and suddenly the media would generate a story about how he should have risked him. The media took things out of context with the Eden interview - while Jose used the opportunity to require a reaction from Hazard in terms of doing more to help his full back. Anyhow I don't think there is even a 1% chance of Eden not being the first team next season.
  21. I hope he isn't even in the squad against the Scouse, all his matches against them in a blue kit have been pathetic
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