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  1. It was a tongue and cheek comment shed, last season when our other striker wasn't played some people said that it's due to the fact that obviously Torres was doing well in training and that we should trust RdM. I don't know who our best striker is, probably Lukaku - Torres has scored 1 goal in the EPL in 2013 which is one goal more than Eto'o and one less than Demba Ba
  2. Jose is starting a rusty Eto'o ahead of Torres, it tells you all you need to know about how good he is
  3. "Samuel Eto’o signing for Chelsea didn’t influence my decision, because I was already behind Fernando Torres in the pecking order anyway." I'm not saying Lukaku should be starting every game for us, but Ba and Torres were selected ahead of him and also Shurrle against a club he had scored a hat trick just a few months prior - against that same club it was Torres who was brought on and not Lukaku. Lukaku played in the most preseason games, he was our fittest striker, it's no question he should have been more involved than the odd minutes he came on. Once again we are going through a wrongful process of a new manager giving a washed up striker the benefit of doubt.- it's not Lukaku who should be proving himself off the bench, it's Torres. Lukaku should get chances to improve by starting while Torres should be trying to make an impact off the bench that would prove he is not a washed up striker.
  4. What has Torres done to be ahead of Lukaku in the pecking order? In two and half years he hasn't even scored 20 League goals; he has made 134 appearances and had possibly 4-5 performances which I can say he lived up to his wages and price; if we had given any striker that amount of time they would have done roughly the same - Kezman; Di Santo; Carlton Cole; Sheva take your pick. Lukaku has already seen that ability alone doesn't allow you to break into the first eleven, it didn't happen with Sturridge it would not happen with him - he is a young player and he will go on to bang in more goals at Everton than Torres and Ba combined. Than I'd expect for people to say that Everton is playing to his strengths, how much more difficult it is to score for Chelsea with Mata/Hazard/Oscar/Willian/KdB/Lampard/Schurrle behind him; how Ba and Torres scored goals with mid level teams but those goals didn't materialize at CFC. Watching Torres start ahead of another promising young striker that offers much more for opposition defenders to think about is one of the most frustrating things. What exactly do you think Lukaku was thinking when Torres was starting ahead of him; and Eto'o was bought on - "oh yes it's really good for me to stay here and learn from the side lines". He already has the blueprint for his exit next summer if there is no serious promises about playing regularly he will move on - I can guarantee you that and within a few years he will actually be worth the transfer sum and wages we have been paying to Torres.
  5. Nah we had a bunch of you going on about how well he would do now that Drogba's shadow had moved on, and we had signed Hazard and Oscar. The type of players who would give him the balls he always wanted at his feet. Than he went and missed 7-8 one on one chances; or just didn't seem very interested and everyone realized it had nothing to do with Drogba's shadow he was just never going to be good enough to be first choice at a club of our stature. Now we have Eto'o and Ba but we shall see if we are going to waste more time - Lukaku's said Torres was ahead of him in the peaking order so that worries me and Eto'o might turn out to be a bad move so we might be screwed in the striker department for yet another season.
  6. We could get £15 million from some Russian; Chinese; American or Mid East club but it would still require for him to agree to go there. The only way we get £15 million from a club within Europe is if he reduces his wage demands by about half of what he is currently being paid - no club in Europe would pay over 100 thousand pounds a week for Torres.
  7. The only logical reason to bring on Torres when you have Lukaku on the bench is to make a point to the owner that you want another striker. I seem to remember Jose did a similar stunt in the past at Real in order to get Adebayor on loan.
  8. I don't rate him that highly but he will be a good player for Liverpool make no mistake about it and will allow them to have a more physical options on the wing compared to Coutinho/Suarez/Sterling. I just don't think we should do any business with Liverpool; we bought a load of crap from them and sold them our best striker
  9. Living true to your name fanboy - how about we start with a striker that managed a hat trick against United 3 months ago.
  10. I guess Anzhi really don't want to keep paying Eto'o wages
  11. Such a strange transfer, I don't know what to make of it - best of luck to him in any case he has a lot of competition here
  12. Nope your point was that you said I simply implied that over the last few pages quite a few people have positively commented about Torres winning the free kick from which Lampard scored, I didn't bring it up until you made this gem of a post. What you fail to understand is that if the hyperbole about Torres performances range from both sides. Comments like yours ask for reactions and I was simply providing what you asked for. I myself though he had a decent game against Hull but I know he can score or perform well against the likes of Hull; Leicester; Leeds; QPR; Wolves; Genk; Norjdeland(sp?); but yet again there were things against possibly one of the favorites to get relegated that I didn't like amongst them never being in a position in the box to receive a ball.
  13. The only reason I brought up the free kick is the fact that you brought up the "type assist" Rooney made against Swansea.
  14. You are currently crediting him for winning a free kick 30-40 meters away from goal - which is a similar contribution to making a 2 yard pass 30 meters from goal. Just imagine my outrage
  15. I don't see how that is true, there were plenty of replays that showed both Hazard; Lampard; Torres's movement after KdB's pass. It's very clear on the video which I posted where initially the defender is marking Torres and a few seconds later there is a huge gap between them with the defender closing down the space between Oscar and Torres. I sat at West End upper last time I was at the bridge, I can only afford to combine my match going experience with business at London and I go to London at most twice a year. Haven't had a chance to go since December of 2012 You do realize I'm talking about his movement during the pass and shot as opposed to his movement during the build up ?
  16. http://youtu.be/G9IdaQ4lWYk Tell me how in "one" second the defender is able to travel 5 meters while Torres strolls around 1 meter. The defender is in a better position to begin with but there is not much separate him and Torres initially. Yet by the time Oscar shoots there is a huge gap between the defender who was marking him. Torres doesn't make any effort to try to get to a position which might allow him to get to any rebound after the Oscar shot.
  17. The reason Torres should have been running towards the far post is not a cut back, it's a rebound(as I've said in my post) - it was obvious in that position that Oscar would shoot, Torres strolled around the penalty box instead of making any attempt to get to a position which would have allowed him to easily slot in any deflected ball across the goal. This is not an incident it happens very often we get a shot off there is a rebound and usually Lampard is situated in a position befitting a poacher while our striker is nowhere in sight. I even said that a cut back by Oscar would have been a bad decision and the defender who was marking Torres was positioned between them. But yes, I'm ranting while people who haven't' even watched the replay are questioning my understanding of the offside rule.
  18. Yep, it's surely instructions amongst other things like: Needs time to settle in; selfish players; selfish defenders; wrong tactics; poor matches; Drogba getting in his way; we don't counterattack enough and he is good at counter attacking; we play too slow; we play too fast; not enough through balls; needs a coach to pat him on the shoulder; needs a coach to slap him in the face; needs a defender to injure his face and wear a mask; needs teams to stop parking the bus./
  19. He would not have been offside because the defender who was guarding Torres went to try and intercept Oscar and that same defender was 2-3 meters ahead of Torres by the time Oscar took his shot. Torres as usual slowed down and clogged an area of the box which Hazard was running into. In fact it was more realistic for Hazard to end up scoring a rebound than Torres who expected a cut back which would never occur There is a reason defenders don't end up in double digits, and that's why you have forwards - but when your defenders are more likely option inside the box than your forward obviously it's not the defenders fault for providing an option and wasting an opportunity. If our striker had touched the ball 6 times inside the box it was more likely for us to have a good shot on goal and goal chance created than hoping A.Cole/Ivanovic etc to come from deep and be on the end of a move. As I've said the touch stat inside the box simply shows that Torres is not in a position to receive a ball in the box for large portion of matches, which is not normal.
  20. Touches are basically not counted individually, touches refers to when a player receives possession - not how long and how many times he touches the ball when he does have possession. What is relevant is that our defenders are more likely to receive the ball inside the box than our striker.
  21. Yep, we don't create enough chances; it has nothing to do with Torres being unable to try and beat his marker inside the box; or run towards the far post or near post ahead of his marker. Even during Oscar's goal where he was not in a position to score he was strolling expecting a cut back instead of sprinting. Hazard who started off the move would have ended up in Torres's position while Torres could have gotten to the far post in case the shot went astray or the goalkeeper got a hand/foot to it.
  22. If he starts over 10 matches in the League for us this season and performs like he did against Hull it will cost us, we should not be counting on our Midfielders to score important goals that's a striker's job. I didn't see any difference between the player last night and the player who took 14 matches to get his first goal; went on 24 hour scoring drought; went 6 months without a goal in the League. Decent is reserved for teams that don't have our ambitions, as proved by last season decent and passenger performances will not win us the League. Opposition defenders aren't going to be afraid of our striker because he works hard or he links up decently. They are going to be instilled with fear when we have a striker who bullies them, knows how to move inside the box; knows how to get in shooting position and all those things are things that Torres is below average at best. Roll on Lukaku you have nothing to worry about based on this performance
  23. I think he meant one out of those 3 players but those three do sound like the slowest midfield in the EPL
  24. I expect him to start against Hull - I think Jose likes him and Ramires as a double pivot
  25. Yep, we haven't seen him have a long awaited sit on the bench - hope Jose really drives the point home and plays him in whatever the Curling Cup is named nowadays
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