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  1. I hope he is fine and fit for Saturday as nobody likes players to be injured. However, I don't want him to start against City; the guy is unfortunately a turnstile on defence.
  2. Yeah Cech seems like we're on the same page on this one. If he were injured for a long period of time, we'd struggle big time. I don't think Cahill has it in him to organise a back 4 over a number of games.
  3. Not worth debating this on here fella. JT is innocent on both the Fredinand and Bridge sagas here and they are all part of the general anti JT/anti Chelsea conspiracy in the media. That's pretty much the consensus on here.I think some people don't get that you can believe that JT used racist language and had an affair, though still love Chelsea and JT. In fact, he is my favourite ever Chelsea player. Being a Chelsea fan, I know all the good JT has done on and off the pitch and he always comes across as somebody who would give you the time of day if you were to meet him. When your family member or best friends muck up, do you turn their back on them? No, you stick by them just like we and I'm sure some players did with JT and he definitely appreciates that. But to deny he did anything is almost koo-koo and entering the rocky scouse road. I know it's water under the bridge, and it's way in the past. So happy he scored again yesterday. To think 2 years ago, Rafa Benitez was trying to force him out of the league. P.S. If anybody brings up the 'he was found innocent in court' argument. Fine, but he had an excellent legal team who formed a great case. There's no denying he used certain words, which he even admitted. In spite of the content the FA have to act on it.
  4. Avram Grant is set to be named Ghana manager so long as they accept he won't be granted access to some Middle eastern countries due to his Isreali nationality. Strange choice as Grant won't suit their style. Though he would bring a lot of professionalism and off the pitch organisation to the team. Something that can make a massive difference to talented African teams (well all teams actually, but it's a game changer for African teams, case point Nigeria).
  5. Ok main points: Jose didn't give us a bollocking- he told us to stay calm as we've never all played as a team, some played on Monday, others hadn't played much. Gave respect to Shrewsbury in a non patronising way, just seemed very genuine. He said he didn't need an armband to remind him that one of his main duties was to be a leader. When asked if it is hard to still play at his age, he said not with these amazing fans always supporting me. Then gave a nice clap to the Shrewsbury fans. What makes me so proud when I see Drogba is that we watched him grow up as a man. Terry, Lampard & Cech were always good at staying emotionally neutral. Drogba always seemed to lay his feelings bare out in front of us. It made him an easy target when he had his bad days, which there were a lot. But with everything that has happened it has made people more affectionate towards him. We're very lucky that such a transcendent player is one of our own.
  6. His post match interview was class. Didier just seems like a genuinely nice guy. Definitely will part of our furniture for years and years to come.
  7. See I found the main game quite poor. For me it went backwards from the demo. They seem to always turn their back on potential exciting gameplay features in the full code. Got to say PES demo is ahead of the FIFA full game for me. First time I would say PES has been better since PES 6. It feels like a football simulator whilst FIFA is a football video game.
  8. Xbox one. Yes it is quite easy to score to be honest. I am still impressed, it plays more like football than the other game but is just not as slick. This is what I expected from PES 2014. Though I am convinced this is a good alternative product from FIFA. They also need to sort out slide tackling
  9. Just played a bit of the PES demo and I am very convinced. I'll probably get both this year especially due the discrepancy in release dates. Anyone find the players outline a bit blurry in some scenes?
  10. I thought it wasn't out yet?Edit: I have seen RFC_CFC's post. I will try that
  11. Yeah but PES bring out so many unfinished products over the years so it's best to wait. I am your typical PES on PS2 and FIFA on 360/PS4. PES 2014 had potential but was just riddled with game breakers that it was unplayable. Now it's Next Gen, I'll be open minded as FIFA is stalling. The way I see it is like this: I'll get FIFA, play a lot of ultimate team before getting bored of its repetitiveness. Then come November I'll get PES and hopefully won't be disappointed. My main concern is now till November is a long time for Konami to get things wrong.
  12. Yeah that's true but he was not playing well. I think he scored like 5 in January and 2 against us in November. He was on the down from early 2010, his pace and agility (his best attributes) were not the same after several injections. He is similar to Michael Owen, he gave so much at such a young age that is just took it out of him. But Owen got to decline out of the spotlight at Newcastle or United's bench. Torres has been right in the face of the media as a starter for a title contender.
  13. I respect him for the Europa League run and he definitely played the biggest role in that triumph. But let's not rewrite history regarding the Barca goal. Whilst it was symbolic and put the final nail in the pep era, all it did was deny Barca 2 minutes. Ramires' goal & our defending are what got us through. Torres actually scored because he decided to not follow orders. Still it was a cracking memory. I actually thought he was back after Spurs away last season, but it was just a false dawn. A lot will be written about Torres in the coming days, but people should not let the media convince them Chelsea fans, the club or Torres are to blame. He just isn't the same player he once was. Everybody tried their best to rectify the situation but it wasn't meant to be.
  14. Mmmm wishing injury is not funny. CFCflynn's drugs in the locker jibe was clearly a joke and was to not be taken seriously. Most of us want him sold for footballing reasons and many believe last season was his last chance. I don't know where Jose stands, but I feel like if Torres was told 'we need to get rid of an international player and it is you. That means you have two options- leave or not be registered for the upcoming season and hope things change in 12 months' then I am positive Torres will blink first. I just don't think the club are willing to do that.
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