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Ray Wilkins

Graham Arnie
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It did, and I am sick of him being given the press details after our matches. He was a desperate effort to try and build a bridge to the "old Chelsea" that we lost when Steve Clarke left. He needs to go back to commentating for Sky, and Scolari can go do the same thing in Brazil

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We miss you Stevie!

I wonder how much of Avram's success was down to Clarke?

What success? Did we win a trophy last season? :D

I've said elsewhere that the main reason we stayed buoyant last season was because of Clarkey and nothing (or at least very little) to do with Grant. It was Clarkey who did the team talk on the pitch before extra time in the League Cup final and that is when everyone should have realised who the players were listening to and it sure as hell wasn't Avram. Clarkey maintained the stability from JM's days and sure enough as soon as he went this season things have gone downhill. They didn't have to go downhill but frankly there is no one at the helm who seems to be able to give the rocket these players need and Clarkey had that in abundance and would have learnt much of the skill from JM. Personally I would have promoted Brendan Rogers to the no. 2 role as he shared the same philosophy but again we missed a trick and now he has left the club too. Wilkins brings nothing to the table. He is a PR man pure and simple and is there to maintain the status quo with the media.

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Its all gone wrong since Ray came back - is it a coincidence that we have gone negative. Not one shot today apart from 2 poor free kicks

your spot on, when he came back to the bridge under vialli things went downhill then too. thought i was the only one who thinks this thank god im not.

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Between Jose's preparation and Clarke's knowledge and empathy of the players, we are missing bigtime.

Zola coming along for Clarkie right after we had gotten a new manager was a total disaster. The worst possible timing. That is a change I would make before we cut bait with Scolari, because on the balance of what a Scolari-Clarke tandem managed to do, changing the assistant to someone respected and knowledgeable.

Given his position right now, I doubt he would move for all the stars in the sky, but I would go back cap in hand begging for Brendan Rodgers

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To be honest i doubt Wilkins has very much to do with the team, im sure his addition to the staff was for PR purposes. I refuse to believe that anyone with a coaching record as patchy as his would be employed by anyone hoping to win anything.

Its fun to count how many times he says 'super' and 'chaps' in his interviews and thats about as much attention as he gets from me.

For the record he joined us on the 18th Sep ( http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/t...ea/7623044.stm)

Though as, others have pointed out i daresay the important date is the 15th Sep, thats the date Clarkey left us


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