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As much as I dislike Real Madrid....

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I cant deny this is frigging impressive

Kaka out to make history with Real Madrid

Kaka spoke of his desire to become a Real Madrid legend after being unveiled as the club's first signing of the new galacticos era.

The Brazil international was paraded in front of around 50,000 fans at the Bernabeu just hours after helping his country to lift the Confederations Cup.

He said: said: "Today is a very happy day for me. I\'m very happy because this new stage of my career will be at Real Madrid.

"I hope to write my name into the history of this club with many victories and successes.'

PICTURE: http://cache2.asset-cache.net/xc/88763937....30A760B0D811297

I despise Madrid, but I have to tip my cap on this one :judge: That kind of crowd is unreal for a player unveiling. I know its not a British thing to publicly parade a signing infront of the media and fans like that, but I wouldnt mind seeing it done if we were to land a big name. Am I alone on that one? Someone like Aguero or Pato parading in front of a packed Shed End in July would be a sight to behold.

Of course you could say that its all very showy and all about the almighty $$$

Also, I wish Kaka the best. Maybe its that disarming, boyish smile of his, or those dreamboat eyes, but the guy is too classy to hate. At least for me

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i hate him

"i belong to jesus". no you belong to real madrid, jesus didn't pay 50 odd million for you

i just can't stand people shoving their religion down you're throat

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I watched an interview with him on Sky Sports News last night, his English, considering he has never played in England, is really good. He comes across as a decent guy and as TWW said, the dreamboat eyes and smilie get you everytime.


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he's a middle class fella unlike most of brazil's footballers so I guess that's where the english comes from.

sorry phil, but that quote has to be submitted into the memorables!

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I like him too. This may sound weird, but he would be a very attractive woman.

haha, Phillip that was great. I have a bit of a man crush on him myself.

Anyone wanna take a guess on how many show up for Ronaldo at the Bernabeu? Somehow, I think its gonna be less than Kaka got.

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