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Ancelotti "two more signings"


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Chelsea coach Carlo Ancelotti has said the Blues are not done their summer shopping yet and they will recruit two more players before the transfer window closes.

The Premier League champions have already signed midfielder Yossi Benayoun from Liverpool and have been linked with a number of other players. Ancelotti has now admitted that they are looking to add a couple of new faces to their squad but has refused to give out any names.

"We are not in any hurry," he told Sportske Novosti. "We have the whole of August to complete deals. The strategy of the club is clear.

"Compared to last season, we have lost [Juliano] Belletti, [Michael] Ballack and Joe Cole, so we will add three players in these positions. So far, we've brought in Benayoun from Liverpool."

The departure of Belletti suggests that the west London outfit are seeking a new right back and in some quarters the name of Darijo Srna has been mentioned. The 28-year-old Croatian plays for Shakthar Donetsk.

However, the former Milan coach remained coy on this issue.

"I understand your curiosity as a journalist, but I must stress that I cannot give you the names of players Chelsea are interested in signing.

"No, I don't want to deny that we are tracking an interesting player," he concluded.

Chelsea have also been linked with Benfica's Brazilian international midfielder Ramires



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ESPN elaborate a little on that article, particularly on the Srna issue here:


I won't post the whole thing because it is similar to the story above.

Belletti was a bit more versatile than just being a right back, so I don't think Srna will be the guy but he certainly didn't deny that we were interested. Puzzling.

I for one can't wait for Ramires to be wrapped up and to get the season going so we have something better to talk about than speculation.

But for now any ideas who the last guy will be?

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Dont want to see Srna at Chelsea. Apart from the fact that he doesnt have the quality to play for us I dont see where he would be used. Ivan and Bosingwa are both better right backs and we dont have a right midfielder in our system.

Srna can play right midfield as easily as he can right back.

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We don't play wide players in the diamond...that's my problem with it.

We play a narrow 4 in the middle...

Malouda thrived when he was alowed to play an advanced wide left role...even Kalou thrived when he played wide right.

The one to lose from the 4-3-3 system is Anelka...but at least with a system like that, you only have to play one class central striker at a time for most of the time...so signing a striker is unnecessary...whereas in the diamond, you rely on both strikers, and an injury to one of them means you have to team them up with Kalou (not a striker), or Sturridge (not yet proven), if you want to maintain the diamond formation.

I dislike the diamond formation against good teams, because the 4 players in the middle of the park get in each others way, and the vast majority of play will be through the middle, where most of the oppositions defences will be...and if the fullbacks try to provide the width, we can be caught out on a fast counter down the vacated wings.

I'm not saying it's a worthless system, just that there are more effective systems out there.

The central midfield three, with essentially 3 forwards is in my opinion, clearly the best fit for our players..although we do not have a specialist wide right player (but as I said, I think Kalou can make it his).

Maybe I am being irrational here...seriously, I might just be blinded by the fact that the diamond stunted both Lampard's and Malouda's games...while the 4-3-3 employed was responsible for a gluttony of goals.

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Only if we play the diamond, which I honestly don't believe will happen.

there are no wide players in a diamond...

Anyways Im sure that Carlo wants to play a 4-3-3 next season. If he had plans on going back to the diamond he would have to sign someone who can play at the top as everyone has failed to impress at this position so far. Benayoun might be able to play there but he doesnt have enough quality to be a regular starter imo

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It is more or less confirmed that Ramires would be one of them . My opinion is that why do we have to go for Luiz , instead let us groom the likes of Bruma , Hutchinson , Bertrand . why not groom Bertrand as a CB and let Van Aaholt take the LB role ? I may not be right , but trying to understand the rationale .

what is the problem with Hutchinson ? Is he more injury prone ? I read somewhere that his situation is similar to that of Ledley King . Somebody , Pls explain .

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Ramires is one of the two, providing only Deco leaves I'm guessing there will be only one other signing.

I'm going to be blunt as ever, if it isn't a player who can do the unexpected, create that spark in one moment like a Iniesta or Sneider to our recent Champions League cost, we can kiss goodbye our Champions League ambitions.

Ramires gives us the Premiership edge once again, squad and team wise I believe we are still England's best and are clear favourites to retain the tiitle.

However, young Josh and Gael are not ready for the Champions League just yet.

The spark is needed, Aquero has been ruled out by Carlo.

I hope and pray, the one player available with the price to suit , with only a year left on his contract - step forward Ozil.#

( Though Carlo is thinking Neymar :blink: )

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I hope and pray, the one player available with the price to suit , with only a year left on his contract - step forward Ozil.#

( Though Carlo is thinking Neymar :blink: )

I really dont know why everyone suddenly thinks Ozil is a world class player that can be compared to the likes of Sneijder, Kaka, etc

He didnt even play a great WC ffs... he started last Bundesliga season well but thats it..

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