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Media Goes With Little Pea’S Super


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If ever a current comparison highlighted Media bias in favour of ManU and against the Chels it has to be the one that sits Javier Hernandez in the red corner and Daniel Sturridge in the blue. Heaven knows how Andy Gray and company would react if these two actually did come out fighting, although I’m sure that the cheering on of Chicharito would continue with precious few words of encouragement for Studge to get stuck in. Why this should be, when you consider their Mexican and Midlands backgrounds, may be obvious to us, but surely neutral supporters must raise an Ancelotti eyebrow once in a while at the strange sight of a young talented Johnny foreigner over ’there’ taking Media fawning precedence in a straight fight with a young talented Englishman over here.

Perhaps my gripe with these scene setters is best explained by asking them to imagine the about turn they would have taken had Hernandez been the Chelsea player and Sturridge’s embryonic rise been through the United ranks. Wouldn’t Sunday’s foot-to-face goal be bemoaned as comically fortunate and typically lucky if the Mexican wore a blue shirt? And would Danny not have received rave reviews for coming on to partner Roo, a fellow Englunder, thus sparking a home grown revival in the Red Devils fortunes? For me, it’s an all too predictable ’yes’ to both questions and it shows just how difficult it will be media-wise for the likes of Josh McEachran and the other Brits, at every level in our set-up, as they search for star status at the club.

Continuing the comparison further, I have to say it also beggars belief that a nickname can be allowed to replace your own name on the back of any shirt, let alone a preferentially-treated red one. You wouldn’t mind, but it’s such a daft nickname anyway (perhaps a pure invention designed to pander to the slightly pinker element within the diehard red ranks) and once again you can only wonder at the ridicule and rebuff other teams would have suffered had they asked the Premier League to adopt and adapt such a nickname. Even Andy Gray expressed surprise that it was deemed acceptable, though naturally without giving the slightest encouragement to those wanting further debate. After all, we are talking about a Manchester United player here and not someone who once played for Villa, Wolves and Everton and who would have baulked at any possibility of putting ’Mouthy Git’ on the back of his shirt.

That said, back in my dream world of player reversal, you sense that Fergie would have been much happier sanctioning a ’Studge’ on Danny’s shoulders had he been his manager and received a fervent plea for a bit of notoriety. Much more butch (a stitched on nickname for Ray in his day) than Chicharito will ever be, so, bearing that in mind in future, you wont hear the boys from Sky breaking into that Abba classic at the mere mention of the nickname, that’s for sure…at least not on air. Nor, in all probability, when reporting on his performances throughout the season, when they will steer the usual company line down Good News Street until they reach a hoped for United title-winning final destination.

In the meantime our Danny boy must press for more than the thirty minutes of Hernandez shadow boxing he got at the weekend and hope that greater recognition comes his way eventually. Sadly, looking at the Media treatment dished out to JT, Frank and Ash throughout their careers at Chelsea, the lad must fear the worst, but, if the alternative is to ‘do a Joe Cole’ and hightail it to the Scousers to receive glowing headlines for mere presence, as opposed to performance, it really isn’t much of one. Then again, he could always stick a sombrero on his head, call himself ’Little Pea’ and bask in the inevitable Media adulation from that day on… just don’t forget the red shirt.

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Terrific as usual Dorset.

Further to your point God help Danny if he dares step outside the media's definition of the straight and narrow in his private life. It's ok to recieve a major suspension for drugs or belt someone in a nightclub, but getting divorced from your wife is off limits particularly if she's famous as well.

Makes you wonder how long we'll have to wait to get on a level playing field.

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Well written, Dorset. I get what you are saying, but I dont think its worth getting upset over. In fact, I like the fact that one is hyped and the other is ignored.

"Chicarito" is a dumb exception (though someone pointed out that they allowed "Chucho" Benitez his nickname) but leaving the exception aside, I think the media w**king over him is becuase he is an unknown quality. In the few games I saw for Mexico and Sunday's match, he has looked pretty promising for Utd, and seemed to bring out the best of Berbatov at the weekend. Basically, there is a good bit of hype around him and it will settle down when he becomes a more familiar sight. I remember a youngster for Man U named Rossi who seemed like the next big thing but quickly fell flat in England too.

As for Studge, I'm sure he doesn't like the lack of hype, but it will probably do him good in the long run. He has gone from a talented prospect to moving clubs before 21 which is a sign of stuttered development. But to be a league winner already, and among such veteran players will only enhance his pedigree, and I think he could surprise alot of people. On Sunday I think he gave us a preview of the role I hope he will take to this season, that of a great spark off the bench and someone whose speed can druve us forward late in games. As long as he gets the minutes and continues to work hard, we will have a real gem on our hands, no matter what he has on the back of his shirt.

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Nice effort, but not to me its not that much of an issue to be honest!

I await (and look forward to) some sort of controversy this season, it will give you some big ingredients to cook up a fine rant.


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