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Chelsea punishment from FA


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Thanks to an idiot in East Stand (I think) it looks a near certainty that we will be fined as somebody decided to shine a lazer on referee Chris Foy on numerous ocassions. I'm massively disappointed but it's clearly just an idiot who doesn't even support the club and just there to cause trouble (probably a Spud or Goon).

The FA and media already hate us and looks like we've provided them with more ammunition to hit us with.

Anyone know what sort of punishment we'll get if the FA decide to look further into it (they will)? :(

Hopefully just a fine, a shame a minor incident had to come in the way of what was a big result for us, hopefully we can push on now ::ChELSeAFaN::

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Those green lazers have been used in several games and so far I haven't heard that any other team has been punished. Therefore Chelsea shouldn't be punished.

But those lazers really are something we need to get rid off. People who use them to shine on players or refs are complete idiots and should be kicked out.

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