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RIP John Sullivan - probably the greatest comedy writer of all time


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Can't believe no-one has posted anything about the sad passing of John Sullivan. This guy will have made every single one of us on the forum laugh at one time or another as he was probably the greatest comedy writer of all time. He penned classics such as Citizen Smith, Just Good Friends' Dear John, The Green Green Grass, Rock & Chips and the most famous creation of his - Only Fools And Horses.

To lose this comic genius at the tender age of 64 is tragic beyond imagination and though he leaves many legacies with his work it is sad to think there will be no more genius emanating from the pen of John Sullivan.

RIP genius and thank you for making our lives so much brighter

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Surpirsed it took the site sometime to catch up too geezer, I was away at the weekend and couldn't post, thought there would have been a huge thread by now ??

anyway, yes sad indeed, tought he had loads of material left to in him !.. the Rock and Chips episode at Christmas was excellent....I think because he was a down to earth man, one if us if you like, made his writting so good.

RIP John Sullivan

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