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the odd goal or two...

Tim W

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Best player since Maradona. Is he as good as Maradona? I believe not, but I believe Messi is as close as we'll ever get, because Maradona was perfection, and you can't better perfection. Messi is a humble guy whereas Diego was an angry guy. Messi is a refreshing antidote to modern football. If you don't love him there is something wrong with you. He is the biggest superstar in the world, yet there is nothing superstar about him. That is to be admired.

Do I want him to break his leg if Chelsea and Barca progress? Yes I do. Absolutely.

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^ It was one of those rare moments, when he beats the two men on the edge of the box, with one movement, that I jumped up off my seat. You have no idea how he did it, even after watching it a thousand times.

Edit: Damn I wish my goal had been caught on camera ..

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