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Anybody working out with the Nexercise app?


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I've started tracking my workout sessions on a free app called Nexercise. It's mostly motivational: you earn points after recording your activity and go from one level to another, and you get awarded medals. It really helps me, for instance today I pushed myself to cycle for 45 minutes, because that would earn me the Weekend Warrior medal :-) Yesterday I was awarded the TGIF medal. Childish, but like I said, it works for me.

You can also link up with other people using the app, working out together, even when miles apart.

Exercise points can even be redeemed in some way I haven't figured out yet.

Anybody here use Nexercise too?

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Mmmmm vaguely vaguely :smile: But does your notebook award you the "Relentless Medal" for working out numerous days in a row? Or the "Manic Mondy Medal" for working out on the.... you guessed it.... Monday?

My notebook can award me any kind of imaginary award I want ;) But, to be honest, being able to gaze upon my god-like physique every time I pass a mirror is all the motivation I need.

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