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Valencia V Inter


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Thrown out... probably not. Yes it was a pretty unpleasant incident and yes there should be some pretty hefty punishment dished out but I am not a fan of clubs being thrown out of competitions as this affects the fans far more than the players and they don't deserve to be punished in such a way.

There should be some serious punishments for individual players (and this may involve them going out anyway as there would be grounds for a large number of long term suspensions) and maybe the club should be banned from next year's tournament (or say the next two they qualify for or something like that) but not thrown out of this years. A lot of fans have spent a lot of money following their team throughout the competition and they should be given the chance to see it through to its footballing conclusion rather than non foontballing conclusion.

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Oh how I just love football icon_lol.gif

It's so funny how the fans are celebrating the fight and how some players just stand around smiling.

Btw. That guy in a grey jacket and holding a towel. Let's sign him. Damn he was fast and he evaded like 4-5 players. icon_lol.gif

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oh i dunno, the BBC have an impact point pic of the right hook connecting squarely with the guys nose... looks as good a punch as any ive seen!!

but yeah, messy isnt the word - im just glad our cup scuffle wasnt anything like that or there might be proper injuries to contend with as well..

he did run for his life though! lucky bugger didnt get a scratch either..


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God it's funny.

Why can't footballers hit each other properly? Or in this instance is it something to do with being 'latin'?

Don't you mean "Latino"?

When I hear "Latin" I think of Ceasar and gladiators. Not exactly football fights.

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