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Over in the States, it is a thing the under-25 crowd does, to attract the opposite sex. I am well over 25, and have an old lady, so I have no interest in it.

You can always pretend to be under 25 and use it for cyber sex. Is that cheating?

Cybercheating = Lipstick on joystick icon_rolleyes.gif

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I use bebo, which I signed up for mainly to get birthday reminders. I know a few people who use myspace, and they have rekindled old friendships etc.

I like bebo as it allows me to keep in touch with folk from home without the expense of phone bills, and it is a bit more personal than email!

Myspace, I have heard good and bad things about...facebook I know a girl on there, but it just didn't look as user friendly as bebo.

however, all these types of things are for a younger crowd, but they still have a purpose for us over 25s


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Facebook kicks MySpace's arse to be honest but more people have MySpace but yes, as Phillip said it more of a U-25 phenomenon.

I agree. As a member and frequent user of facebook I find it much better than myspace. The main reason being it looks nicer and it is much more easier to upload photos on there.

Facebook rules!

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My wife has a musician's MySpace to advertise her singing - That works very well. However, when she told her sister about it, the sister went off on one and set herself and her husband up as well. They seem to be in this "I must be great, look at the number of myspace friends I've got" game.

For musicians at least, it's a very useful tool. For non-musicians I think that Myspace, Bebo, Facebook and the rest are either a vanity thing or a way to get a shag (either real or cyber)


PS - I ain't got any of them - I got a life instead

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