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Hello From Peterborough


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Hello Imran, welcome to this forum! Don't be afraid to post your opinion whatever it is. Some will tell you to get a grip if they think you're panicking, but don't mind them :-)

I visited Peterborough ages ago, to look at the cathedral (I have a thing for British cathedrals). I don't remember anything special about the rest of the place, has it lifted itself since?

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Thanks Valerie


City Centre and Cathedral have seen great improvements in recent years however the rest of the town still seems a little neglected by the local council,


I think the Cathedral is amongst the best in the country but accessibilty can sometimes be an issue as it is in the heart of Peterborough

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Welcome to the forum mate, I don't suppose you know Izzy Brown? He was born in Peterborough.

Thanks mate

There was huge buzz around Peterborough about him and he really flourished at School level.

Never seen him play but heard he has incredible pace, wish him all the best and hopefully has a long successful career

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