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Out of interest is there a list of who the Mods at the Shed End?

I'm not trying to be a know it all (if I am please call me on it) but I'm noticing things like increasingly repeated thread topics and wondered if the mods could do more to merge the threads (maybe even close repeated topics) and just generally police the General section more. I've been guilty of stepping out of line myself but I think the General thread really needs some sort of discipline to it.

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May be worth PM'ing Loz or Mod if you're/anyone is not happy with how the forum is being moderated and have suggestions on how we can improve.

I might just do that, hope you don't think I'm been a dick. I think the problem is the General Section has gotten worse and I think many people are just staying away and that includes moderators. Therefore it's not really been watched over as much. I totally understand why cause I really hate venturing in there sometimes but now I'm like why shouldn't I go in there? Anyway I'm rambling thanks for the advice Gem.

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Well, this is awkward!

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The Shed End Forum relies on revenue to pay for hosting and upgrades. While we try to keep adverts as unobtrusive as possible without pop ups, we need to run ad's to make sure we can stay online and continue to keep the forum up, as over the years costs have become very high.

Could you please allow adverts on this domain by switching it off. Some of the advert banners can actually be closed to avoid interferance of your experience on The Shed End.

Cheers now!

Alright already, It's off!