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Football 1972


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@Scott Nice find and nostalgic for me as young at that age and not committed to any club, with the music too captures the mood of the times.

Great volley by Osgood.

Arsenal's Charlie George scored a clever one against us.

Noticed Stokoe talking about Revie and bribery and recall the Clough movie with him accusing the Leeds players of having won by cheating.

Emlyn Hughes scores a brace, never realised he was a midfielder only recalled him as a dodgy defender .



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9 hours ago, Scott said:

He wasn't having any of that was he?

No, he certainly wasn't :Connie_threaten:

There were certainly players who 'could look after themselves; shall we say back then.

Norman Hunter and Tommy Smith  to name two, off the top of my head.

Every team had a such a player. Some more than one.

 Players in general had to look after themselves then.


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